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Mario Barrios: Eudy Bernardo ‘probably my toughest fight to date’

Mario Barrios faces Eudy Bernardo on Saturday in San Antonio.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME


“This fight it’s a huge step up and probably my toughest fight to date. My opponent looks really good on paper and he has a lot of power. But I’m not concerned. I had a great camp and I’m ready to give my best in front of my hometown fans. I really hope he is ready to fight because I’m going to go in there on Saturday and take care of business. It’s going to be a very explosive fight.

“We are going to continue climbing the ranks at 140. I hope that I can face Mikey Garcia or Rances Barthelemy at some point. I think early next year I may be ready to go toe-to-toe with them.

“No added pressure fighting at home, all of this is motivation. I’ve been waiting to fight back here for a while. I’m excited for this opportunity

“Every time I’m out there in the Bay Area at Virgil Hunter’s gym I’m always picking up different things. Every camp, l learn from different guys at the gym – Andre Dirrell, Andre Ward, Amir Khan. We have our game plan, which I can’t discuss, but going for it on Saturday. We should be able to go in there and take care of business, no problem.”