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Tyson Fury’s return press conference

Fury officially announces his return to boxing.

Tyson Fury held a press conference yesterday officially announcing that ‘He’s Back’ and we’ve got the full video of the presser for you here, courtesy of Fight Hub TV. Check out some excerpts from the presser below with the video above...

“I actually told Mr. Warren that it shouldn’t be “He’s Back!” it should be “The Mack is Back!” And where better than my hometown in Manchester to put on a show. So [I’m] very over the moon, and like I said, it’s been a long, complex, drawn out situation that I’m glad is all behind me now.

“The most important thing is I’m back to reclaim what’s rightfully mine. And that’s the world, because I hold it in me hand.

“[I’m] a couple of years older now. By the time I return I probably been out the ring about 2 years and 7 that’s probably gotta be one of the longest comebacks in heavyweight history for a world champion. It’s gonna be an interesting journey, to be honest. There’s a lot of challenges out there that I’m looking forward to.

“Some few people out there who are claiming to be the world’s best. And I know for a fact that they’re not. Given the right time and the right amount of fights, all these guys I don’t believe are gonna be much of a match-up for me. Reason being: my speed, agility, and skill will be too much for today — what we have are sluggers and wild punchers. And I’m looking forward to getting in there an putting on a display.

“[My] timing, reflexes is better than it’s ever been. I kid you not. If you see me in the gym sparring, all you got to know is Achilles is back. He’s here. Nothing’s gone, everything is still there. 29 years old, coming into the prime of me life, I’m stronger now, faster, holding more muscle mass than I’ve ever done...Looking at the competition out there, it should be relatively easy.”

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