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Charlo vs Centeno: Press conference quotes

Jermall Charlo and Hugo Centeno Jr are ready for Saturday’s middleweight clash.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME


“I’m looking to make a statement on Saturday night. I’ve been training hard since my last fight. I promised my fans something they’ll remember from this fight. You’ll have to wait and see.

“Once you step in front of me, it’s a fight. I put my life on the line each time. I’m just looking forward to even bigger things that are in front of me. I’m giving the fans something special to take home from my performance.

“I feel really good right now. It was another one of those camps that I was able to start early and get in the gym early. I can do whatever you need to do in the ring. I’m ready to make this fight all fireworks.

“I do a lot of good things in camp to make myself feel stronger. It was a little tough with the delay, but nothing that I couldn’t work through. I’m on weight right now this far out. I have a great team that’s helped me get there.

“I’m focused on what I have going on. Hugo thinks I’m overlooking him but that’s not happening at all. I want to take him out and make a statement that I’m ready for the big names in the division.

“We’re going to turn Brooklyn up. I want to really make a statement. No matter how I’m feeling throughout the fight, we’re going to make it rock.”


“I feel like I’m being overlooked. I haven’t been able to make myself a household name by being on these platforms. Come April 21, I’m going to make my name known.

“The rib injury was tough to take at first. We were very close to the end, but once I resumed training, I was already in phenomenal condition. It took me to another level and now I’m in the best condition of my life.

“I feel perfect right now heading into this fight. We had great sparring in camp and I’m ready to step into the ring.

“Even just being in this position shows people that I’ve earned my way here. No one has handed me anything. This is one of the hardest divisions in the world and I’m here for a reason. This fight means the world to me. It’s been 20 years of hard work coming together Saturday.

“I know Charlo is coming to fight, and I’m definitely coming to fight. No matter what the strategy or style is, I’m going to be ready for whatever comes my way.

“I expect him to come out strong. We know he’s looking for a knockout. But I think if he doesn’t have the opportunity, it will come down to who is the smarter fighter.”

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