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Joshua: Forget the humble sh*t, I hurt Parker a few times and bust his eye!

Anthony Joshua talks about what worked in his win over Joseph Parker

Anthony Joshua fielded some media questions in his post-fight press conference following his title unification with Joseph Parker. Here’s what he had to say about why he featured his left hand in this fight.

“I wouldn’t say [my right hand] was reluctant but when something’s working why try to change it?

“I knew how to break Parker down and I knew how to put him in a position where he couldn’t do much back. Throwing the right hand at times would’ve been in a position where he could’ve counter me, so I hold it back and continued working that left hook and that’s why the lead hand was the most important hand in this fight...

“Every time he came forward I would just ram that jab in his face. And every time I threw that right hand he would slip down [to his right] and that’s why he was ending up [under my arm pit].

“I know I was supposed to be in with the fastest heavyweight in the world and I beat him to the majority of punches...he was supposed to know me out tonight — didn’t happen. And yeah, actually, forget the humble shit, I did hurt him a few times, and I bust his eye as well.” [Editor’s Note: ...bust his eye with an elbow, which was clearly demonstrated on replay.]

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