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WBC to investigate Deontay Wilder’s comments of wanting ‘a body’ on his record

Mauricio Sulaiman says his disciplinary committee will look into Wilder’s comments.

Beyond Sport United Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman has apparently caught win of Deontay Wilder’s latest interview where he exclaimed he wants a body on his record and says that his sanctioning organization will have to look into this ‘serious’ matter.

Quite frankly the whole thing is rather ridiculous and anything but ‘serious.’ There’s nothing to investigate. Wilder made the comment, it’s widely available for the world to view on YouTube, and it’s hardly the first time he’s said this exact thing.

Of course the widely publicized comments are bad for public perception, particularly when combatants do sometimes die, so now the WBC will make a public show of dealing with the situation. But all in all, don’t expect anything at all to come out of this. Wilder’s talking, the sanctioning body is getting paid, and everyone will go about their business.

But maybe, just maybe, the WBC will warn Wilder that it’ll be okay for him to punch hard enough to knock someone unconscious, but he has to pinky swear with Sulaiman that he’ll hold back on that extra little oomph that might actually kill somebody.

Problem solved.

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