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Khan-Lo Greco heads to ESPN+, but Khan not with Top Rank

Amir Khan isn’t working with Top Rank, but his return fight does have a U.S. TV home now.

Amir Khan press conference Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Some of you may be wondering, what with Top Rank showing that April 21 Amir Khan fight, has the Brit boxing royalty signed on with the Las Vegas-based promotional outfit?

That would have been some news, being that Khan had Eddie Hearn, the English deal-maker who heads up Matchroom, repping him when his bout with Phil Lo Greco was announced two months ago.

So, what about it…has Khan come aboard the Top Rank train, which has hitched up to the ESPN wagon, even more so now with the word that ESPN’s revamped mobile delivery service will feature live fights and a bunch of library content?

I asked Top Rank executive Carl Moretti this very question. We consider this a co-promotion thing with Eddie Hearn? Or how does that work? A one-off purchase of content?

“Strictly a content deal through us for ESPN,” the NJ native Moretti responded.

Sounds good to me, I said. This is working together. Everyone eating!

“Most everyone,” he said, wryly.

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