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Broner: I pulled up! Where 6ix9ine at?!

Adrien Broner says he ain’t worried bout nothin’!

Following yesterday’s final presser, Adrien Broner gets asked about his self-promoting tactics and his feud with rapper 6ix9ine...

Broner on what made him start his YouTube series 25/8 and what makes him so good at marketing himself:

“Because I understand business. You know, uh, just being a good boxer won’t get you to a star level. You know, you have to be an entertainer. I understand that. And, you know, if I don’t promote myself, they won’t, until the week of the fight.

“So I understand that I gotta do that myself to let the fans see me more and just to be seen more.”

On calling the final presser a “fake ass press conference” and if it has anything to do with his beef with 6ix9ine:

“Man, I’m aight! I pulled up, where 6ix9ine at?! I’m here. I ain’t worried bout nothin’!

“[This press conference] garbage.”

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