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Vargas: I beat Broner without any issues

Jessie Vargas talks about why he doesn’t see this being a close fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Vargas on Broner’s antics during the press conference and talking over him:

“That’s just his style, that the personality that he brings to the table. You know, I don’t believe that it surprised anyone...but he did care about what I had to say. That means that he does pay attention to anything that I do and anything that I say. For that reason it does make me think that he is worried.”

On if he feels that Broner is backed into a corner with this fight, with everyone wanting to see him lose:

“That’s how he’s portraying himself but we fighters don’t see ourselves as the victims. You know, we’re ready to fight that’s that. I don’t know why he’s coming with all that...It’s just the opportunity’s being given to him and it’s up to him on how he’s gonna fight and how he prepared. Now that’s the only thing that really matters.”

On what he thinks Broner sees in him versus the reality of what he brings to the table:

“Well, we both bring experience. Both talented athletes and we’re gonna give the fans entertainment come Saturday night. I feel I am in a better part of my career because I haven’t received any punishment. All the fights that I’ve had were entertaining and any fight that seemed tough I didn’t receive much punishment as comparing to the other side [Broner].

“I’ve always been able to maintain a very good defense and offense and always entertain my fans and always stay in the fight no matter what. And I’m a two division world champion for a reason and I look forward to performing Saturday night...This has been the best training camp that I’ve had by far. We maintained the weight properly, we’ve had a great nutritionist...and for that reason I expect nothing but the best.”

On if he’s comfortable fighting Broner at the 144lb catchweight:

“I feel really comfortable. The reason being that I have a nutritionist, you know?...I feel extremely well and I’m at 100%.”

On if he foresees any issues should Broner try to box and move:

“Doesn’t matter what he wants to do. If he does something it’s because I’m gonna let him. He’s gonna do what I want him to do and he’s gonna notice that inside that ring ‘cause there’s nothing that I can’t do. If I want to box I’ll have him walk to me. If I want to put pressure I’ll put pressure and make him walk back.”

On if he sees this as a close fight:

“I don’t see it as a close fight. I see myself winning without any issues.

“I will get an impressive win. In what round, I don’t know yet but we’ll find out in a matter of days.”

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