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Heather Hardy mistaken for ‘Corona Girl’ at presser

The two-sport fighter returns to the boxing ring on Saturday.

Heather Hardy, who is back to the boxing ring Saturday after cage matches, in the MMA sphere, was involved in a case of mistaken identity on Thursday.

The Brooklyn boxer/mixed martial artist traveled to Barclays Center so she could sit on the dais and help hype the Saturday fight card promoted by Lou DiBella, which is topped by an Adrien Broner vs Jessie Vargas catchweight bout.

“We were walking in the VIP side entrance where all the security is and it was super tight and everyone was yelling about who is allowed and who isn’t,” said Hardy, age 36. “And one security guard told the guy from the commission, ‘Nah she’s fine, that’s the Corona girl.’”

“The Corona Girl,” if you don’t know, is a reference to the person who reps the Corona brand, and is up on stage, posing, looking to add an injection of what have you to the occasion.

Here is a “Corona girl:”

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

Back to Hardy…

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME

“And my manager said ‘ahhh, that’s actually a fighter.’ And the commissioner was laughing his ass off. He said, ‘Boy, that’s Heather Hardy!’ I’ve been mistaken for worse! At 36, I’ll take it!”

So, was it different, a different feeling, coming back to the boxing roots?

“It was nice that they included me, thought I really didn’t belong up there with all those title fights. Boxing pressers are like when the family gets together at grandma’s after not seeing each other for a while. And everyone pretends to be nice at first and eventually you find out who doesn’t get along with who!”

Indeed; “It’s like Broner had four glasses of wine before dinner started,” I told Hardy.

NOTE: Doors at the arena open at 5 PM, first fight is right after that. Hardy fans should follow my Twitter, @Woodsy1069, I will alert you when her fight will start. As of now, it’s looking like 7:30-7:40 PM ET, but that can change.

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