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Gervonta Davis: I’m ready for Lomachenko if they’re ready to put it on PPV

Following a dominant performance on Showtime, Gervonta Davis says he’s ready to take on the biggest challenge of his career.

Gervonta Davis talks to the media after he made quick work of Jesus Cuellar over the weekend...

Gervonta Davis on making a conscious effort to attack the body:

“Just, I knew he was coming prepared. I seen his other opponents didn’t touch his body and he was open for body shots so I took the open shots.”

On if he was surprised he was able to dominate so early to force a quick stoppage:

“Yeah, surprised because he’s a tough opponent. You know, he’s not an opponent that comes to lay down, he come ready.

“I knew it would be a short night.”

On if he feels confident enough to take on Vasyl Lomachenko right now:

“If they ready to put it on pay-per-view, let’s do it. If not, no.

“It’s gotta be pay-per-view.”

On if he wants Lomachenko next:

“For me it really doesn’t matter, I’m the fighter. But whatever my team — I have a great team, I think I have one of the best teams in boxing — so if they up for it and they say so, I’m wit it.”

On if he’s rooting for Tevin Farmer to beat Billy Dib so they can settle their feud in the ring:

“Yes, yes. And hopefully if he win we can bring it back to The Barclays. I know he from Philly, I’m from Baltimore, let’s do it.”

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