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Broner: It looks like I was in a food fight and he was in a fight with Adrien Broner!

Broner talks to Fight Hub TV after his majority draw with Vargas.

Following his draw with Jessie Vargas during the Showtime main event, Adrien Broner throws on his fur and gold teeth to discuss his thoughts on the fight...

Broner on what he made of the official decision of a majority draw:

“I definitely thought I won the fight. And I’m not just saying that. I thought I landed the bigger shots. I thought I landed more, honestly. And, you know, I thought I was in control the whole time.”

On if he was pleased with his performance:

“I haven’t sat down and watched the fight yet to really judge myself on my performance so...I feel good, though.”

On how he felt Vargas performed:

“We gonna fight again, I’ma stop him. I almost stopped him today...”

On Vargas’ power:

“He felt little...I was tellin’ him that, ‘you too little.’

“He was like ‘aight, bring it’ or whatever but he was too small. He felt small.”

On how he thinks moving camp to Florida with a new trainer showed up in this fight:

“Like I said, I haven’t watched the fight but I felt like I — I know I worked my ass off and I know it showed. I haven’t let my hands go like this in a long time. And, you know, I was in shape to do it and I was willing to do it and I made it happen.”

On why it took this moment for that to come out:

“I had to switch some shit around and went to Florida and got my mind right and Coach Cunningham he brought the dog back out of me.”

On if we’ll see more like this from here on:

“Oh this is just the beginning! You know, uh, it’s only gonna get better from here.”

On what he thought when the first scorecard was read:

“I knew, I knew I beat him. But I’m like if it go like that it gotta be a draw.”

On what he thought when they announced the draw:

“I’m like yeah, they trying to fuck me. They trying to fuck me.”

On what he told Vargas after the fight:

“I told him all BS aside, you a helluva fighter and I respect you.”

On if he’s thinking about an immediate rematch:

“He gotta get his face together...It look like I was in a food fight, it look like he was in a fight with Adrien Broner.

“I’m ready [for an immediate rematch]. I don’t duck no fights. I’m ready. I’m ready for whatever.”

On when he wants to return to the ring:

“ASAP. I’m not hurt. I’m going right back to the gym...I got that spark back and I’m just ready to do it.”

On what weight he wants to fight at:

“Whatever. If you weigh ‘47 meet me at ‘44. Or I go get one of them belts at 140.”

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