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The Gloves Are Off: Bellew-Haye II

Tony Bellew and David Haye share a table to discuss their May 5th rematch.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this sit down interview with Johnny Nelson of Sky Sports, Tony Bellew and David Haye come face-to-face to openly discuss their expectations for their upcoming rematch, scheduled for May 5th at London’s O2 Arena.

During this chat it becomes apparent that Bellew’s upset win over Haye in their first meeting has really turned the tables in the promotion of this fight. Tony Bellew gets to turn the screws on a ‘humbled’ David Haye, who often looks like his blood is starting to boil under the surface. Haye does keep a brave face, however, and Bellew talks a bit about his disdain for Haye as he’s lost a year of his career waiting for this rematch to occur.

Haye, in turn, also takes time to mention that he probably didn’t adopt the best approach leading into the first fight with Bellew, using too much brash talk that created a negative energy that he believes adversely affected him. Will his nice guy routine work better for him this time around? We shall see...

Click on the video above to watch the full segment of The Glove Are Off, courtesy of Sky Sports.

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