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Stevenson vs Jack: Press conference quotes

Adonis Stevenson and Badou Jack officially announced their May 19 fight in Toronto.

Baxter Promotions


“I love Toronto, I spend a lot of time here. I have fought here before. I have a lot of fans in Toronto, and on May 19 I’m going to put on a show for them. I’m going to give them something to remember.

“Badou Jack is an excellent opponent. He’s smart, he’s been a world champion, and he’s shown he’s a true competitor. But I am the best light heavyweight in the world, and Toronto and the world will see that on May 19.

“Badou Jack is a good champion. He’s not coming to Canada to lose. I know he’s coming to win so we need to train like we’ve never trained before.

“I know Badou is one of the best boxers in the world and I can’t take him lightly. We can’t underestimate this guy – he’s a two-time world champion.

“I’m looking for the knockout. I know Badou is ready, I’m ready, May 19 will be exciting.”


“I’m glad to be fighting here in Toronto on May 19. I want to thank Adonis and his team for giving me the opportunity. I’ve been training for a while now, and feel great. Camp has been great. I think I’m getting better and better, and I’m ready to become a world champion again on May 19 and give Toronto a show.

“He’s a strong fighter, everybody knows that. He does a lot of things well, not just land the big shots. But I’m a guy who’s great at a lot of things, and who’s coming to win. I promise you, I’ll leave Toronto a champion.

“We have three more weeks to get ready for one of the biggest fights of my life. I asked for this fight for a long time and finally we got it. On May 19 we’re going to have a three-time world champion.”

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