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Hearn: Wilder doesn’t have $50M to offer Joshua! Let’s see proof!

Eddie Hearn talks more about Deontay Wilder’s $50M offer to Anthony Joshua.

Eddie Hearn speaks with reporters yesterday afternoon about the huge offer Deontay Wilder made to unify titles with Anthony Joshua. Check out what he had to say...

Hearn on his thoughts on Wilder’s $50M offer to Joshua:

“Brilliant. The whole boxing world went crazy. So we replied today and just said ‘very interesting. Can we see some legitimacy, some actual documentation? Can we see a contract or at least some deal points and then we’ll discuss further?’ But if the offer is real it’s very interesting.

On where he thinks Wilder came up with $50M to offer:

“He’s got $50M from using Anthony Joshua’s name, to go out and to whore him out to try and attract the money. But that’s not possible because, one, they don’t have the rights to do that. But they want the rights to do that and that’s what they’re trying to buy. But we’re not really interested in people going out and using Anthony’s name to try and attract $50M for his purse. You’ve either got it or you haven’t. Like if they wanted $50M from Matchroom, they could have it in their account today. That’s the difference.

“I mean, with all due respect to Deontay Wilder, who I like a lot, he doesn’t have $50M. So all I have right now is an email from a guy from Alabama who is telling me he’s gonna give us $50M. I get quite a lot of those emails. Sometimes from Saudi Arabia, sometimes from China, sometimes from Nigeria. And normally they ask me to send sort of $50,000 first and then they’ll send it back...”

On why a Joshua-Wilder fight is the biggest fight in boxing, bigger than Canelo-GGG:

“It’s by far the biggest fight. Canelo’s finished! Like, he’s still a big fight, Canelo-Golovkin, but in the hearts and minds of the fans, Canelo’s done. So this is the fight. It’s the undisputed heavyweight championship of the world. It can be bigger, both guys need to be built in the U.S. more, but Joshua’s still relatively unknown, so is Wilder.

“But the fans don’t care that it can be built. So if you ask me when the fight should take place, probably after Joshua boxes in America for the first time. But scrap that because fans don’t wanna know about that, so let’s just make it next. And I think what this PR move has done is actually opened up discussions, which I think is a good thing. I think it’s got people’s attention. We have to explore it because it’s a lot of money. I wouldn’t be doing my job for Anthony if I just said ‘Oh, it’s bullshit! Oh, tell him to go away, they haven’t got the money...’

“They said we’ve got to accept it today, like. I think everybody knows the answer to that. It will be interesting to see if they come out today, we were supposed to meet them — I had a meeting scheduled with Shelly [Finkel] today. And he canceled it. And he asked if we can do it tomorrow. Funny enough, after the deadline for the deal, so, we’ll see...I think it’s fun and games but at the same time we have to look at it.”

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