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Miller: I’m not gonna beg for Anthony Joshua fight

Jarrell Miller says he’s ready to face Anthony Joshua but it’s up to Eddie Hearn to give him the fight.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During his post-fight press conference following his win over Johann Duhaupas, Jarrell Miller talks about what’s next for him, including his desire for an Anthony Joshua fight.

Miller on wanting a fight with Anthony Joshua:

“Anthony ‘G-String’ Joshua come get this work. All day! I’m ready to toast the english I said before, you know, Eddie Hearn made promises, countless to other fighters. Let’s get this straight — I am not signed with Matchroom Boxing, Eddie Hearn. Let’s get that clarified for the 100th time. If another reporter reports that, I’ma come see you personally.

“I have my own promotional company, I’m my own boss! I’m ‘Big Baby Promotions’ and this is my partner, Salita Promotions...We have a deal with HBO and it was in their interest to help build my profile on an Eddie Hearn undercard, and that’s what you have here. We are not signed with Eddie Hearn, we have our own thing going on...

“Of course we want the AJ fight. You know, Eddie Hearn’s been talking a lot that AJ’s gonna come to Brooklyn, he’s gonna do this and do that — I’m not gonna sit here on my knees and beg. That’s not New Yorkers. We work hard, we earn our shot. If you gonna bring [him to] New York I will gladly bust his behind. If not we have [Manuel Charr] in Germany, who has no TV but he has a belt. Now we can probably make that happen when I resign with HBO ‘cause we have negotiations again and bring [Charr] over here...That be my next best option if Eddie Hearn don’t wanna bring Anthony Joshua and I’m not gonna beg for it.

“I’m here if he gonna put his money where his mouth is, let’s make it happen. If not you not gonna sell me a dream like you did Ortiz and Dillian Whyte and all these other guys. I’m not gonna do that.

On his fight against Duhaupas:

“My stamina was good. And I say the main thing is being tired and be able to think. A lot of guys can’t think, they start throwing wild shots like Beyonce Wilder, or AJ who just sits there and the referee stops a fight when he land one or two shots. Nah, we ain’t doing that. Every fight I’ve had so last year, I’ve had to work to get these wins.

“The Gerald Washington fight, how was that fight a draw until I stopped him? Because he’s an Al Haymon guy on an Al Haymon card? I beat his behind every round but it was a draw to the point I stopped him.”

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