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Canelo recounts his reaction when learning he tested positive for banned substances

Canelo says his immediate reaction was that there must’ve been some mistake.

While Canelo Alvarez took media questions surrounding the circumstances of his positive drug tests, he tells the story of how first learned about them...

“I first got the call from [Golden Boy president] Eric Gomez. He called me and I answered and he said ‘Hey, I gotta tell you tested positive in some tests.’ And my first reaction was ‘There has to be a mistake! Something’s wrong. Absolutely not!’

“And he said ‘Well hold on, they are certain — these are the people running the tests — that there’s a very high percentage, that they’re very certain that this is linked to food contamination.’”

At that point Canelo’s attorney quickly interjected to say he had to stop Canelo from continuing with that answer.

The Nevada State Athletic Commission is still expected to discuss the ramifications of Canelo Alvarez’s failed tests during their upcoming meeting on April 18, with Canelo now expected to receive a one-year suspension as a first time offender. But with his full cooperation that suspension could be halved to a retroactive six months which would make Canelo eligible to fight in Nevada again by August 18.

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