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Caleb Truax: I have’t been paid like a champion yet!

The IBF super middleweight champion spoke with Bad Left Hook’s James Copley before his Saturday rematch with Britain’s James DeGale

Boxing at Copper Box Arena Photo by Christopher Lee/Getty Images

In a recent interview with Bad Left Hook, Caleb Truax admitted he hasn’t “been paid like a champion yet”, despite having toppled heavy favourite James DeGale at London’s Cooper Box Arena last December to win the IBF super middleweight title.

But for Truax, dubbed by some as “Cinderella Man”, stardom hasn’t been forthcoming - a second victory against Briton’s DeGale on Saturday in Las Vegas could secure his families future, but the 34-year-old puncher is keeping his feet firmly on the ground.

“I haven’t changed since the win over DeGale”, said Truax. “I’m a pretty lowkey guy. I’m 34-years-old so hopefully pretty mature. If i was a champ at 24 I might have been different.”

“But now I’m set in my ways, you cant teach an old dog new tricks. I just do my thing, see my family, hang out with my friends and drink some pints once in a while.”

The rematch with DeGale, an Olympic gold medalist, sees Truax return to fight in his native America, a factor the Minnesota-born puncher is playing down.

“I dont really care where I fight, I’m a fighter, I just go wherever my name is called”, Truax said. “It’ll be cool to fight in Las Vegas, I’ve never fought in Vegas before.”

“Being in a big fight atmosphere out there will be good, its second to none when it comes to big fights.”

“The only thing I’m looking forward to is not having to take a nine hour plane ride to get out to London!”

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