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Lara: Canelo was doping, has steroid-sized head

Erislandy Lara talks about his upcoming fight and offers his thoughts on the Canelo-Golovkin debacle.

In a video interview with Marcos Villegas of Fight Hub TV following yesterday’s final press conference, junior middleweight titleholder Erislandy Lara weighs-in on tomorrow’s unification fight as well as Canelo Alvarez’s failed drug tests. Check out what he had to say...

Lara on if tomorrow’s fight with Jarrett Hurd is personal:

“Absolutely not. You know, this is a business where you got to have the back-and-forth, you gotta have the excitement and it’s not personal to [me] at all...”

On the style match-up resembling his fight against Alfredo Angulo:

“Obviously Angulo’s a warrior, a strong guy. I hit Angulo with some big bombs and he kept coming but [I’m] a warrior and we’re gonna find out with [Hurd’s] big mouth, when he starts taking these shots, is he really gonna have the heart he says he has to keep coming through that fire. And if he does, he’s gonna take a lot of punishment.”

On if he feels he’s going to be able to use movement for all 12 rounds as Hurd tends to pick it up in the second half of fights:

“That’s the problem for him, that’s where I get stronger we’re gonna find out what he’s got...”

On where he ranks Hurd in terms of difficult opponents he’s faced in his career:

“8, 9, 10...Paul Williams has got to be at the top. Angulo is a great warrior. Canelo Alvarez a whole ‘nother level. Vanes Martirosyan [had a great amateur career]. [Hurd] didn’t have an excellent amateur career.”

On Canelo Alvarez testing positive for banned substances and having his Golovkin rematch canceled:

“[I] think it’s disrespectful when any athlete tests positive...”

On if he has a suspects that Canelo was intentionally doping:

“Of course. I believe so. His body changed a lot, his head [got bigger]. Everything changed.”

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