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Lara vs Hurd: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Erislandy Lara headlines tonight against Jarrett Hurd on Showtime.

Stephanie Trapp/SHOWTIME

Tonight at 10 pm ET on Showtime, Erislandy Lara meets Jarrett Hurd in a junior middleweight title unification bout in the main event of a three-fight bill from Las Vegas.

Lara (25-2-2, 14 KO) is defending his WBA “super world” title against the IBF belt held by Hurd (21-0, 15 KO), who is on a streak of seven straight stoppage wins. It’s an intriguing matchup between a top crafty veteran and a rising young star who’s been showing style with his substance.

In the co-feature, Caleb Truax (29-3-2, 18 KO) defends the IBF super middleweight title against James DeGale (23-2-1, 14 KO), the man he upset in February to lift the belt in the United Kingdom. It’s repeat or revenge in this one, and the man who won the first time may still be the underdog to many.

In the opener, Julian Williams (24-1-1, 15 KO) meets Nathaniel Gallimore (20-1-1, 17 KO) in a 12-round junior middleweight bout.

Wil Esco will be on the round-by-round call. Join us!


  • JARRETT HURD def. ERISLANDY LARA by SD (113-114, 114-113, 114-113)
  • JAMES DEGALE def. CALEB TRUAX by UD (117-110, 114-113, 114-113)
  • JULIAN WILLIAMS def. NATHANIEL GALLIMORE by MD (114-114, 116-112, 117-110)



Round 1: Hurd tries a still jab that Lara catches on his guard. Now Lara lands his from the outside. Hurd slips to the canvas after trying a punch. Lara pops his jab again and then lands a hard straight left. It looks like Lara is trying to make an impression on Hurd early. Hurd tries a counter hook that can’t mind the mark. Lara lands a counter left. Lara predictably outboxes Hurd in the opening round. Lara 10-9.

Round 2: Lara comes out with a one-two combination right away. Lara tosses the bigger Hurd to the canvas which is also ruled a slip. Now Hurd has Lara on the ropes momentarily and unloads a combination but Lara covered up well. Hurd lands a left hook to the body. Both fighters trade shots on the inside and Lara tries to cover up after he gets his punches off. Hurd has Lara along the ropes again but can’t get his bid shots off. A couple uppercuts land for Hurd. Close round but I think Lara edges it, but Hurd is starting to come on. Lara 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Hurd is chasing down Lara now and has Lara on the ropes a lot more often. Now Hurd tries to get a combination off with Lara backed up. Lara tags Hurd with another one-two and then holds. Hurd has Lara where he wants him, in close quarters, and Hurd gets in a few good shots. Hurd tries a double left hook and the targets the body. Lara covering up a lot now, looking for spots to counter. Lara finds a home for a counter uppercut. Hurd working hard and out-throwing Lara by a good margin in this round. I think Hurd takes it. Hurd 10-9.

Round 4: Hurd continues to pour on the pressure and hits Lara with three straight right hooks — Lara mocks the punches. Hard left hook to the body lands for Hurd! Hurd is walking Lara around the ropes and hits Lara with a right hand. Both fighters exchange shots but Hurd’s look heavier sa he’s the visibly bigger man in the ring. Hurd unloads a few more hard shots that partially land. Hard right hand lands for Hurd which knocks Lara back. Now Lara gets in his patented one-two. Hurd 10-9, 38-38.

Round 5: Lara pops Hurd with a couple punches but Hurd walks right through them. Lara trying to keep off the ropes more in this round and is beating Hurd to the punch. Now Hurd decides to change that and hits Lara to the liver. Lara gets in some sharp shots but Hurd isn’t going anywhere. Hard right hand lands for Hurd! Hurd is in Lara’s face consistently. Lara unleashes a shot combination but Hurd walks forward and tries to get in a couple shots of his own. I think Lara edges this round. Lara 10-9.

Round 6: Hurd gets in a jab over Lara’s. Now Hurd lands a grazing right hand. Hurd lands another jab. Lara tries a left hand lead that partially lands while he backed up on the ropes. Hurd goes downstairs with a left hook and is getting his preferred distance. Hard uppercut lands for Lara that snaps Hurd’s head. Hurd keeps coming forward though and lands a hard left hook upstairs! Lara holds. Sheesh! Another close round. I think Hurd edges this one. Hurd 10-9, 57-57.

Round 7: Lara pops a jab to open the round. Hard one-two lands for Hurd with Lara on the ropes again! Hurd throws a hard combination with Lara backed up. Hurd giving Lara space now to fight on the outside and that’s probably not the best approach. Lara lands a left hand to the head. Hurd tries to get in a couple uppercuts that partially land. Big right hand lands for Hurd to end the round but I think Lara takes this one. Lara 10-9.

Round 8: Hurd gets Lara to the ropes and throws about a dozen punches while Lara covers up. Hurd lands a jab, Lara lands a lead left. Now Hurd lands a left hook to the body and wants to pick the pressure back up. A couple shots to the head and body lands for Hurd. Hurd is throwing a lot of punches in this round and is having good success. Hurd is having a really good round and is getting to Lara. Hurd 10-9, 76-76.

Round 9: Hurd jumps on Lara right away and is trying to pour it on. Hard punches to the head and body land for Hurd. Hurd is popping his jab a lot more in the last two rounds and it’s setting up his power punches. Lara lands a left hand lead but he can’t keep Hurd off of him. Hurd whacks Lara to the body with a left hand. Lara might be showing some signs of fading. Uppercut lands for Hurd and Lara is taking more and more punches. Lara’s right eye is swollen now. Hurd is really wearing on Lara at this point and can’t or won’t use his legs anymore. Hurd 10-9.

Round 10: Lara’s trainer wants him to start boxing on the outside as he sees what’s happening. But Hurd walks Lara down right away and is forcing him to the ropes and is punishing him with shots to the head and body. Lara lands a counter left hand but Hurd walks straight through it and Lara can’t do anything to get breathing room. Hurd is hitting Lara everywhere, but especially hitting Lara to the liver repeatedly. Two uppercuts land for Lara! Lara’s right eye looks nearly swollen shut now and Hurd is right in his face, making this a phone booth affair. Both trade shots and the crowd loves it! Close, close round. Ugh! I’m going to edge it to Lara ever so slightly. Lara 10-9, 95-95.

Round 11: Hurd bullies his way in on Lara but Lara finds a couple of counter opportunities. Hurd is trying to impose his physicality on Lara, just moving his hands and trying to let Lara feel the weight of his punches — and body. Hurd snaps Lara’s head with an uppercut. Lara comes back with three punches. Lara is breathing heavy now and Hurd won’t give him any space. I think Hurd takes the round. Hurd 10-9.

Round 12: This has been a good fight! Last round! Hurd comes out looking confident, throwing tons of punches at Lara! Lara tries an uppercut to the body to take the steam out of Hurd but Hurd presses forward anyway. Big uppercut snaps Lara’s head up! Hurd throws a few more punches ended by a bid left hook to teh body. Lara’s bleeding from his swollen right eye now! Hurd is on Lara’s ass, throwing both hands with bad intentions! Hurd drops Lara with a big shot! Lara beats the count but he’s hurt and bleeding. Hurd tries to close the show but Lara fights back! This is great stuff! Lara makes it to the final bell! Hurd 10-8. I’ve got it for Hurd, 115-113.


Round 1: DeGale comes out quick, rushing to center ring and flashing a couple of jabs from his southpaw stance. Straight left hand to the body lands for DeGale. Truax is now starting slowly, trying to see what DeGale has to offer in this outing. DeGale tries a lead left hand to the head that just grazes Truax. Now Truax lands a right hand lead. Hard left hand hits Truax but it came after a headbutt from DeGale which looked like it hurt Truax’s mouth. That was awkward. DeGale 10-9.

Round 2: Replay confirms Truax was hit by DeGale’s head, with his punch actually missing. Anyway, Truax starts this round trying to find the range with his jab. Now he lands a body shot as DeGale tries to skip along the ropes to maintain distance. Another headbutt from DeGale smacks Truax right in the mouth. Now Truax is getting inside and gets in some questionable shots of his own, probably in retaliation. Left hook lands for Truax. Truax keeps coming forward but DeGale looks like he is prepared for this kind of fight. Right hand lead lands clean for Truax. Hard round to score because there was some fouling but I’m going to give this one to Truax. Truax 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: DeGale circling the ring, trying to lure Truax into over-committing. Truax continues to chase DeGale around the ring and lands a jab. Hard right hand lands for Truax who follows up with a couple more punches! Truax is able to get in some scoring shots as DeGale tries to duck down. DeGale bleeding badly around his right eye! This could be a real problem for DeGale. DeGale continues to lead with his head and there’s blood everywhere! Truax 10-9.

Round 4: DeGale’s cut was shown to be a result of a head clash but it was officially ruled as a result of a punch. DeGale’s corner showed a lot of anxiety in between rounds. Another right hand lead lands for Truax! DeGale is getting more defensive as the blood hampers his vision and is pouring out of his face. DeGale tries a lead left but it’s blocked by Truax. DeGale’s face is a god damn mess! Truax tries to work on the inside with body punching as DeGale tries to tie up. Truax 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: DeGale can’t get that cut from bleeding profusely and Truax is trying to take advantage by applying more pressure and working him over. DeGale is pawing at his eye as it is clearly bothering him. Truax throws two right hands as he gets DeGale to the ropes. Referee warns both fighters about coming in with their heads. DeGale gets in a nice uppercut to the body, then gets back to running around the ring. DeGale’s vision is badly impaired and the referee calls a timeout to examine DeGale. They clear him to continue and Truax attacks with several punches. Truax 10-9.

Round 6: DeGale hasn’t been punching much since the cut, seemingly trying to just keep it from getting worse. DeGale tries a uppercut but catches a stiff right hand from Truax. Now Truax lands a jab as he anticipates DeGale’s head movement. DeGale lands a left hand that gets Truax’s attention. Truax gathers himself and comes forward again trying to break DeGale’s will with constant pressure. Truax working his hands on the inside while DeGale is holding and DeGale let’s go a shot on the break. Better round for DeGale but I still think Truax takes it. Truax 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: DeGale pops a jab and then circles the outside of the ring. DeGale’s cut is still bleeding badly and is clearly affecting his performance. Truax has DeGale in the corner and DeGale tries to tie up once again. DeGale is having real difficulty coping with that cut. DeGale whiffs on a big left hand and Truax tries to walk right in afterwards. Now DeGale getting in some good shots mixed in with good pivots which is keeping him from getting hit in return. I think DeGale outboxed Truax in this round. DeGale 10-9.

Round 8: Now Truax has a small cut over his left eye but is still trying to track DeGale down. DeGale is tying up every time Truax gets in close quarters as he’s shown a big advantage when he can use his footwork to keep away from Truax. DeGale gets in a nice uppercut on the inside. DeGale is starting to regain his composure and is letting go his hands more often. DeGale 10-9, 75-77.

Round 9: Both fighters end up tied up right away and Truax tries to get in some little punches to the body. No real significant punches landed through half this round. UPpercut lands for Truax and DeGale ties to come back with a big shot of his own that misses the mark. Lots of holding going on in this fight. DeGale gets in a good body shot and this round is tough to score. Not a lot of clean action. I think I’m going to lean DeGale. DeGale 10-9.

Round 10: DeGale throws a jab then moves, but then Truax catches him with another lead right. Truax now gets in an uppercut to the head, then body. Truax is landing punches again and DeGale is once again bleeding badly. DeGale gets warned for pushing Truax. Truax chasing DeGale around the ring again and lands a jab. Now Truax gets in a couple body shots and seems to have regained his momentum in this fight. DeGale loses a point for blatantly pushing Truax again with his shoulder. I think Truax takes the round and gets the benefit of the point deduction. Truax 10-8, 96-93.

Round 11: DeGale skips around the ring and jumps in with a left hand to the body. Truax throws a combination but can’t get in many clean shots. DeGale throws two shots upstairs but Truax is undeterred from marching forward. DeGale lands a sneaky right hand and Truax throws back a couple of his own that have less steam on them. DeGale continues to paw at his bloody eye but is landing some shots still, getting the best punches in this round. DeGale 10-9.

Round 12: This fight could well be on the line in this final round. DeGale jumps out with a left hand then ties up. Truax continues to press forward and tries an uppercut that misses. DeGale looks like a horror show. DeGale defending fairly well and throws a hard three punch combination. Truax still trying to slip in his little body shots on the inside when they tie up but DeGale has gotten in the biggest shots the last couple of rounds. DeGale walks into a Truax left hand but takes it well. DeGale landed the best shots of this round. DeGale 10-9. I’ve got it for Truax, 114-113 with the point deduction making the difference.


Round 1: Williams comes out with a couple of feints, followed by an overhand right hand that grazes Gallimore. Williams throws a few more punches as he tries to set an early pace. Now Williams just misses with a straight right hand. Hard jab lands for Williams as Gallimore hasn’t really tried to assert himself in the opening round. Now Gallimore gets in a left hand which may be his first landed punch of the round. Williams 10-9.

Round 2: Two quick jabs land for Williams who starts off with a quick flurry of punches. Now Williams tries a left hook, right hand combination that partially lands. Hard right hand lands for Williams following a jab. Gallimore still isn’t really trying to get much offense off thus far in the fight. Gallimore tries to sneak in a counter uppercut that just misses, and Williams grins at him in a taunting manner. Gallimore throws to the body and then sticks his tongue out at Williams. Williams 10-9, 20-18.

Round 3: Williams comes out with more feints before letting go some jabs followed by a right hand. Williams has been getting off to quick starts to begin each round. Hard uppercut to the body lands for Williams as Gallimore charges in with a couple shots. Now the fighters are nose-to-nose and exchanging shots but Williams is getting the best of it. Gallimore now just tries to push Williams into the corner but the referee breaks up that action. Gallimore seems to be realizing he needs to make this more of a firefight as he can’t outbox Williams. Williams 10-9.

Round 4: Williams comes out trying to keep Gallimore on the end of his jab as the longer Gallimore tries to get into a phone booth fight. Williams throws two shots to the body as they momentarily get tied up and Williams is showing his better experience thus far. Gallimore gets in a chopping overhand right but WIlliams comes right back with a couple more body blows. Williams gets Gallimore to the ropes but can’t get off any shots before getting tied up. Now Gallimore gets in a couple shots who lands a nice uppercut on the inside. But now Williams gets in a solid counter left hook that I think was the best punch of the round. Better round for Gallimore but I still think Williams takes it. Williams 10-9, 40-36.

Round 5: Gallimore comes out leading with punches in this round but can’t quite find the target. Williams utilizing a lot of lateral movement now and Gallimore is slowly stalking him, looking for a big shot to land. Gallimore lands a jab from range but gets tied up once he tries to follow up. Gallimore gets in two shots upstairs and is having more success lately. Williams is now bleeding over his left eye. Gallimore 10-9.

Round 6: Williams cut is shown to be from an accidental head clash on replay. Williams starts this round with a couple of jabs and then starts moving side to side. Gallimore tries to trap him on the ropes but WIlliams is able to turn the tables on him to get back to center ring. Now Gallimore walks himself back to the ropes and waves to Williams to come on in. Williams doesn’t really take the bait and now they’re back to fighting in the middle of the ring. Gallimore walks in on WIlliams behind a high guard to make it and inside fight but Williams takes advantage by hitting Gallimore with a couple of body shots. I like Williams work in this round. Williams 10-9, 59-55.

Round 7: Williams lands a counter jab but Gallimore gets in a right hand immediately afterwards. Gallimore whiffs on a big left hook but Williams gets one in himself. Williams sneaks in a right uppercut on the inside and now the fighters are sort of wrestling in close quarters. Williams comes right after Gallimore following a break and throws a short combination. Showtime has this a close fight on the cards, but I think Williams is winning these rounds. Williams 10-9.

Round 8: Gallimore gets in a good uppercut to the body as Williams tries to jab his way in. Williams is getting more aggressive and coming forward with some combination punching. Short left hook lands for Williams and Gallimore tries to skip away to get a quick breather. Gallimore misses badly on a big left hook and the fighters end up in each other’s chests once again. Williams walks right back to Gallimore after a break and walks into a Gallimore left hook. Now Gallimore throws to the head and body but Williams wants to respond. Williams 10-9.

Round 9: Williams is really taking it to Gallimore now, walking him down and strafing him to the the head and body. Gallimore tries to fight Williams off a little but he’s looking a little tired here, breathing with his mouth open. Williams looks like he wants to pick it up on Gallimore and gets in a grazing uppercut. Nice left hook lands for Williams that snaps Gallimore’s head to the side. Gallimore tries to get Williams respect but Williams has the more sharper, more polished punches. Now Williams lands an overhand right that tags Gallimore. Williams 10-9.

Round 10: Gallimore comes out pawing with his jab but the fatigue has set in. Now Williams sees that and tries to apply a little more pressure on Gallimore. Hard left hook to the body lands for Williams. Gallimore starts digging deep and throws a bunch of punches but most of them don’t land clean. Williams gets Gallimore into the corner and both fighters trade shots. Another overhand right lands for Williams. This is a good fight, pretty competitive, but I think Williams more polished technique is earning him the rounds making it wide on my scorecard. Williams 10-9, 99-91.

Round 11: Williams comes out with a jab and Gallimore tries to retaliate to the body. He seems to know that he needs to turn the tide in a bid way. Several hard shots land for Gallimore who seems to have caught Williams unprepared for this stand. Gallimore is throwing with both hands and Williams finally finds a spot to slip in a couple of shots of his own. Hard left hook whips Gallimore’s head around! Gallimore is hurt! Williams tries to pour it on but Gallimore is able to survive the moment. Gallimore is really tied and it shows. Williams sees it and throws a dozen unanswered punches. Gallimore makes it out this round but he may not make it through the next. Williams 10-9.

Round 12: Gallimore on the defensive, just looking to keep from taking any more bid shots. He’s backing up with a high guard and appears to want to make it to the final bell. Williams gets him to the ropes and unloads a combination. Gallimore is tying up and oddly enough it’s Williams who looks more beaten up going by how their faces look. Lead right hand lands for Williams. Williams 10-9. I’ve got it scored for Williams, 119-109. For me this is one of those pretty competitive fights that looks wide on the scorecards because one fighter edged most the rounds.

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