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Brook and Spence come face-to-face over rematch

Kell Brook and Errol Spence talk about facing each other once again at 154lbs.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

As Errol Spence and Kell Brook bump into each other in Las Vegas, the two fighters discuss the possibility of fighting each other once again at Brook’s new weight class of 154lbs. Brook suggested that there didn’t even need to be a title on the line, which gave Spence some pause unless they were willing to pay him big money.

Spence: “You said we gonna get it in at 154?...Now look at the size difference...So am I bigger than him?...He look thicker than me.”

Brook: “He’s talkin’ about a belt, we don’t need no belt.”

Spence: “Why don’t we need a belt?!”

Brook: “Me and you was a great fight, why do we need a belt?”

Spence: “But you want me to come back to Sheffield though?”

Brook: “Yeah! You love Sheffield don’t ya?”

Spence: “It’s aight. It’s cool.”

Brook: “Well come back to Sheffield.”

Spence: “For what?! How much ya’ll gonna give me for Sheffield then? It’s gonna be big money? Aight then, tell Eddie to hit me up. If it’s big money I’ll come back to Sheffield.”

Then, after Sam Watson stepped between the two to tell them they can discuss the matter another time, Spence exclaimed:

“Like I said, if he get a title I’ll come to 154, and I’ll come to Sheffield and I’ll step on him — in Sheffield!”

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