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Charlo: Hurd going to sleep!

Jermell Charlo give his thoughts on Jarrett Hurd’s win over Erislandy Lara.

In the immediate aftermath of Jarrett Hurd’s big title unification win over Erislandy Lara, Jermell Charlo talks some big shit about putting hands on Jarrett Hurd. Check it out...

Charlo on his thoughts on the Lara-Hurd main event:

“The main even was dope. Ha! I’m the main event!”

On what happens if he fights Hurd:

“Aye, Hurd go to sleep. I hit hard, ya’ll know that...I’m winning all the belts, just chill, bro. Let me do this. I got ya’ll. This shit is nothing!

“I’m expecting a great fight with Hurd, ya’ll just peep game. Watch me work.

“What stuck out to me is they know who is the best! And they know they got to fuck with me...”

On what weaknesses he saw from Hurd:

“Hurd get hit a lot. The man still been getting hit — the man been getting hit since Trout. I thought he was gonna learn from that fight and, you know, I understand Lara is a crafty fighter, he moves a lot and he do his thing so, right now ya’ll already know I’m the best!

“Aye, if you ain’t with the lions go fall back! I want nothin’ but lions around me. That’s how I am, ya dig. They can’t handle me! Lara is good, he’s just a crafty fighter, but his time is up. It’s Hurd’s time now. Let Hurd enjoy these belts ‘cause they know what it is — Mr. Keep Runnin’ Your Mouth.”

On if he was surprised with how Lara fought:

“I think Lara fought great. I don’t care about this fight. If you read my tweets I said I just wanna see this fight and enjoy it...We care less about what happened right now because we know they can’t fuck with the champ — the Charlo brothers — they can’t fuck with the ‘lions only.’ We da best! [Editor’s Note: Pretty sure DJ Khaled has that copyrighted, better be careful].

“When they wanna fight again they gotta see me. So I’m sorry that I be comin’ at people too wrong, you know, I come at them a little hard. But really I don’t care! I don’t care what ya’ll think — I’m wit it! Ya’ll keep following me, I got work to do!

“I got one man to beat. One man to beat to get all of the belts, and I can do it! Thank ya’ll for having fun with me, let’s enjoy this life.”

On how to beat Hurd:

“I think the real honest-god truth to beating Hurd is just: PUNCH THAT MOTHAFUCKA! PUNCH HIM! PUNCH HIM! THROW PUNCHES AT HIM! I ain’t moving, I’m there! Wassup?! Let’s fight! I’m a dog, you a dog. I’m a lion, you a lion, right? Let’s do it!

“If you thought I was gonna lose against [Erickson] Lubin, fuck you!”

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