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Ryan Garcia says he wants Gervonta Davis sooner than later

Garcia also talks about wanting to become the youngest PPV star in the sport.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV junior lightweight prospect Ryan Garcia talks about his upcoming fight this weekend, his goal of becoming a world champion soon, while also expecting to become boxing’s youngest pay-per-view star.

Garcia on what it means for him to get the chance to fight on Cinco De Mayo weekend:

“Man, it’s an honor because, you know, all the great fighters — the big, huge fighters — always headline Cinco De Mayo weekend, all that. So you know what, I’m ready for it, I feel like this is exactly where I need to be, they placed me in the perfect spot, and now lookit — watch what I do May 4.”

On what he expects out of opponent Jayson Velez and if he expects the fight to last more than a couple of rounds:

“Like I said, in my fights anything can happen. You never know ‘cause the way I hit, you just never know what could happen, it could change within a second. But, you know what, Jayson Velez has not been knocked out before, but I feel like it will be stopped in four rounds.

“I just know it, man. When you know, you know. When you’re a fighter you just know! I just know I’ma knock him out in four rounds!

“I just see it in my mind. It’s clear as day. There’s no doubt. That’s it.”

On if it happens where that puts him in his career:

“There’s no doubt. Nobody could deny I will become a world champion. It should happen after this fight. You can’t deny — it’s too obvious. I’ma become a world champion after this fight. It’s too obvious.”

On Gervonta Davis being another other young potential star in his weight class:

“That’s the megafight. That’s gonna happen. I want it sooner rather than later. But you know how boxing is. But you know what, I’m trying to change the sport, there’s a lot of things that need to be changed and one of them [that needs to be changed] is we need to make these fights happen now! I don’t wanna wait.

“Lookit, we fight now, then we can fight 5 years later from now and see who’s better when we’re young and see who’s better when we’re a little older. Let’s get it! You know, people wanna see fights at the end of the day. Let’s see a fight.”

On Davis’ recent performance against Cuellar:

“I mean he did what he was supposed to do. Props to him. Walked him down but, you know, there was little resistance. I’m not mad at it, he did his job [shrugs]. But he wouldn’t do that to me [laughs].”

On what one goal he wants to reach before his career is over:

“Probably the youngest pay-per-view star, ever in history. I mean already one of the — probably the most known 19-year-old boxer out there right now. I already did that. Now I just gotta become a pay-per-view attraction which I will do soon. But you know what, I just wanna, you know, help change the sport in different ways. Like this weight, people having advantages — they gotta stop doing that. Let’s have a rule where you can’t gain over the next weight class the day of the fight. Let’s just keep it fair so there’s no guy that’s 20lbs heavier than another guy. It’s not fair! You can’t do that. Let’s not do that no more. Let’s, you know, keep things fair withing 4lbs at least, you know, the day of the fight, so you can get a real match instead of one dude way bigger than the other...

“In the end of the day they’re gonna say Ryan Garcia made a change in boxing and he made a change in the world. That’s it. That’s what I wanna be known as.”

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