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Lomachenko vs Linares: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Vasyl Lomachenko moves up in weight to challenge Jorge Linares.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 8:00 pm ET on ESPN, Vasyl Lomachenko moves up in weight to challenge for another world title, taking on Jorge Linares in the main event from Madison Square Garden. BLH will be here with live, round-by-round coverage.

Lomachenko (10-1, 8 KO) has already won world titles at featherweight and super featherweight, and now challenges for Linares WBA “world” lightweight title. Whether or not that counts as a world title win is up to you, but what’s not up for debate is that Linares (44-3, 27 KO) is one of the top lightweights in the sport, so it’s a serious challenge no matter what you think of the belt situation.

In the co-feature, Dominican welterweight prospect Carlos Adames (13-0, 11 KO) makes his U.S. television debut against Alejandro Barrera (29-4, 18 KO) in a 10-round fight. Michael Conlan, Teofimo Lopez, Fazliddin Gaibnazarov, Mikaela Mayer, and Jamel Herring are also in action on the card.


  • Vasyl Lomachenko def. Jorge Linares via TKO (2:08 of round 10)
  • Carlos Adames def. Alejandro Barrera via unanimous decision (97-93, 96-94, 98-92)


Vasyl Lomachenko vs Jorge Linares

Round 1: Let’s see what we get! Linares with a jab. Loma with a left hand as the crowd chants for him. Linares with a right to the body. He’s done some OK with in there so far. Loma probing with the jab. Linares trying to land counter shots. Loma with a left to the body. Close round, could really go either way. I think Linares was a bit more consistent. Linares 10-9

Round 2: Linares really trying to get that jab going, trying to use his length advantage. Good combination from Lomachenko, body to head. Loma looks like he’s finding his rhythm after feeling it out a bit to start. Body work from Linares. Linares landing some good stuff here. Lomachenko closes strong. This is very tight so far. Lomachenko 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Still not a lot between them through the first minute here. These are two good, skilled professionals. Left hand from Lomachenko. Loma with a little combo in the pocket. Linares to the body, partially blocked. Good combination again from Lomachenko, landed a nice body shot in there. He’s picking it up now. Another sneaky left in from Lomachenko as he spins Linares to the right. Lomachenko 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Linares to the body, but Lomachenko starting to work in combination consistently. Good body shot and uppercut from Loma. Right hook from Loma, met with a right from Linares. Rabbit punch from Linares in the clinch, and he gets warned that time. Lomachenko working inside, Linares finding it hard to keep up in close. Lomachenko putting punches together like crazy now. Just picking Linares apart for a few moments. Right hand from Linares! A good one, too. Lomachenko back to the jab. Right uppercut from Lomachenko. Lomachenko 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Linares looking to hook to the body. Lomachenko just peppering with shots. Lomachenko stalking Linares now. Loma with a great little combination in the pocket again. Linares trying to fire back, it’s just getting tougher and tougher for him. Lomachenko loses his footing throwing a left that could’ve been a great shot. It’s amazing, even when he slips it looks crazy good in a way. Linares bleeding from the nose. And he’s warned for a low blow. Loma making Linares miss. Now he gets inside and throws again. He’s having his way now. Left hand rips Linares late in the round. Lomachenko 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: Lomachenko stalking again. Linares warned once more for a low blow. Linares with a combo, mostly blocked. Lomachenko just keeps coming forward. Uppercut and a right hand from Loma. Loma ducks a hook and jabs out of it. Jab from Loma again. Linares trying to fire and hE NAILS LOMACHENKO OPEN WITH A RIGHT HAND AND DROPS HIM! Late in the round, too. Loma up and looks OK, but stays out of the pocket the rest of the round. Linares 10-8, Lomachenko 57-56

Round 7: Linares looking confident now. Starting to open up and throw more again. Lomachenko playing it more defensively now, doesn’t have all the momentum anymore. Jabbing from Loma. Linares with a combo. Loma back with his own. Linares with a right. Loma with a left to the body. Linares to the body, Lomachenko complaining of a low blow again. Referee didn’t see it. Poking jabs from Loma. Lomachenko 10-9, 67-65

Round 8: Lomachenko rebounded well in the 7th, let’s see if he picks it up again here in the 8th. Linares throwing with confidence still, but Lomachenko snaps his head back with a shot. Linares cut over the left eye. Lomachenko putting together good shots again. Lomachenko targeting the bad eye, as he should. Right hook catches Linares right on the cut. Jabbing to the cut. Left hand gets in. It’s all Loma at the moment. Chopping right from Linares, not a clean shot. Loma poking with the jab again. Lomachenko 10-9, 77-74

Round 9: Loma with a good jab. Linares is fighting a good fight, by the way. This has been a lot more competitive than Rigondeaux or Walters were, for instance. Right hand from Linares. But it’s just the one. This is a tight round, though. He’s there with Loma. Good jabs from Linares. I shade this one to Jorge. Linares 10-9, Lomachenko 86-84

Round 10: Linares comes out aggressive to start the round, throwing four shots. Loma back with a shot of his own. Loma trying to put some quick stuff together. Loma to the body. Good uppercuts from Lomachenko, firing with both hands. Linares back with a right. Good combination from Lomachenko! Uppercut, hard shot to the body — DOWN GOES LINARES! Linares looking hurt here — count reaches nine, he’s up but looks bad, and IT’S OVER!!! Lomachenko TKO-10

Carlos Adames vs Alejandro Barrera

Round 1: Adames with a little jab. Right hand potshot from Adames. Barrera trying to establish a jab. Adames shoots a couple right hands. Barrera misses two jabs, but he’s flicking it out there consistently. Left hook from Adames grazes. Right hand from Adames. Adames misses another overhand right — he wants that punch but it’s not there so far. Adames gets a 1-2 in. Left to the body from Adames. Right hand from Barrera gets in. Adames 10-9

Round 2: Jab to the body from Adames. He lets loose with power shots but misses. Barrera misses a right. Then he unloads with a nice combo, landing a couple shots. Adames with a little body shot, Barrera throws one back. Right hand from Barrera. Adames looking for openings but Barrera making it harder this round. Right hand from Adames gets in. Adames with some good shots, and Barrera back with some punches. Adames ending the round with a big power barrage! That gets him the round for me. Adames 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Adames was credited with being patient by the ESPN team before the fight, and you can see that. He opens up, but he’s not wild. He waits for chances. Good jab from Adames. Barrera throws back but doesn’t land clean. Left to the body from Barrera. Body shot again from Adames. Body shot from Barrera, and he throws a combo, mostly blocked. Good little hook up top from Adames. Long right hand from Barrera, Adames rolled with it but it did land. Good right from Adames. Barrera back to the body. Barrera with a good uppercut as he closes the round strong. I liked Barrera here. Barrera 10-9, Adames 29-28

Round 4: First minute is pretty quiet. Adames misses a hard right uppercut, wound that one up. Barrera’s doing some decent work in this fight, he’s not making it easy for Adames. Adames is the physically superior fighter, but Barrera clearly has some experience to work with here. Right hand from Adames, and another one shakes Barrera’s skull around. Left to the body from Adames. Adames gets Barrera in the corner and unloads, but Barrera gets out without taking big punishment. Adames with a sweeping hook and a right hand to end the round. His power might be adding up. Adames 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Adames looking to load up with power shots, think he smells a little blood in there. Barrera trying to stand his ground here, but Adames is right on top of him. Left hook from Adames. Barrera with a combo, lands to the body. Adames with a right, then a hook, and another shot gets in. Body shots from Adames, heavy shots. Right from Adames. Barrera, again, trying to hold and fire back, but he’s outgunned at this point, and it’s starting to really show. Good right from Adames at the end of a quick exchange. Left uppercut misses. Adames 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: Hook from Adames again. He switches southpaw this round, which was advertised. Adames has some clear issues of youth that better fighters would take advantage of right now, but this is fight 14 for him, too. That’s excusable, and you can see the raw talent and power. Barrera has gotten sloppier now, too. Slower round, Adames got a few decent shots in. Adames 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: Adames looking to walk Barrera down. Targeting the body a bit. Adames throws a really wild, slapping overhand right that is easily avoided, but the body work is good. Barrera with a three-punch combo, blocked. Overhand right gets closer this time, got in there but swung too far. Jab to the body from Adames. Another one. Uppercut from Barrera is mostly blocked. Right to the body from Adames. Barrera with a right hand, and another, he closes the round strong. He’s not quitting. You could maybe sneak this round to him. I will because my card doesn’t matter. I could score every round purposely wrong and it makes no difference other than I might bitch in the recap. Barrera 10-9, Adames 68-65

Round 8: Barrera trying to get offense going, but struggling to really dent Adames. Right hand from Adames. Both jab at the same time. Barrera with a little left. Adames catches him with a short shot. Adames with a good right hook, gone southpaw again. He’s digging in with shots now. Barrera with a good right hand that backs Adames down, and he throws what he’s got with Adames against the ropes. Adames finally fires back. Adames 10-9, 78-74

Round 9: Tim Bradley figures Adames may be a little fatigued. Reasonable. And Adames is taking himself to the ropes again here. Adames going to the body. Barrera doing some good work here, though. Left and right from Adames. Right from Adames, Barrera rolls with it, just a grazing shot. Barrera with a decent combo. Barrera throwing combos and then moving. Body shot from Adames. Right hand from Adames, another grazing shot, but it counts. Clash of heads causes a small cut under Barrera’s left eye. Barrera 10-9, Adames 87-84

Round 10: Both guys coming out throwing to start the final round. Adames swinging for the fences here and there. Barrera moving around. Right hand from Barrera. Adames goes southpaw. He’s looking to get flashy. 30 seconds left. Adames backs Barrera to the ropes and throws, then keeps throwing when they come out of it. Adames lands a shot to end the fight. Adames 10-9, 97-93

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