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Ali vs Munguia: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Sadam Ali takes on Jaime Munguia in tonight’s HBO main event.

Matt Heasley-Hoganphotos/Golden Boy Promotions

Tonight at 10 pm ET on HBO, two world titles are on the line from Verona, New York, with Sadam Ali facing Jaime Munguia in the main event. BLH will have live coverage, with Wil Esco on the round-by-round call.

Ali (26-1, 14 KO) will defend the WBO junior middleweight title for the first time, after winning it from Miguel Cotto last December. The 29-year-old is the favorite here, but Munguia (28-0, 24 KO) is a top prospect, a 21-year-old who wanted to move up in weight to fight Gennady Golovkin before being denied. Instead, he’s in this fight on short notice as a live underdog.

In the co-feature, Rey Vargas (31-0, 22 KO) will defend the WBC super bantamweight title against Azat Hovhannisyan (14-2, 11 KO). Vargas is making the third defense of the title, which he won in February 2017 against Gavin McDonnell. Hovhannisyan has won eight straight, and last fought in March, knocking out Ronny Rios.


  • Jaime Munguia def. Sadam Ali by TKO (1:02 of Round 4)
  • Rey Vargas def. Azat Hovhannisyan by UD (118-110, 117-111, 116-112)



Round 1: Ali comes out with a number of feints and the attacks with a short combination which is mostly blocked. Munguia lands a left hand downstairs and the a left hand upstairs puts Ali on the deck! Ali beats the 10 count but Munguia looks to do some damage. Left hook lands for Munguia and Ali hits the deck again! Ali is in big trouble! Munguia 10-7.

Round 2: Ali very tentative to start this round knowing he’s at a power deficit. Munguia lands a big right to the head and Ali is back on the ropes again. More big shots land for Munguia and Ali is really up against it. Ali lands a couple of hooks but they aren’t having nearly the same affect and Ali hits the deck again by a Munguia flurry at the end of the round. Munguia 10-8, 20-15.

Round 3: Munguia is knocking Ali across the ring with every clean shot he lands. Munguia stalks Ali around the ring, knowing he has a big size advantage and therefore takes his time. Ali tries to mount a stand but Munguia is not concerned. Munguia rakes Ali with more punches and Ali is outgunned. Munguia 10-9.

Round 4: Referee is concerned about Ali but his corner wants to keep him in the fight. Munguia is basically just chasing Ali around the ring, looking to land the next big shot to end this fight. Now he lands it and Ali hits the deck again! Referee immediately waves it off. Munguia TKO-4.


Round 1: Vargas comes out with a few long jabs, keeping the shorter Hovhannisyan at bay. Vargas lands a right hand to the body. Hovhannisyan gets in a left hook upstairs. Hovhannisyan pressuring, trying to get inside the long arms of Vargas and hit the body and head. Vargas lands a short combination on Hovhannisyan. Two more body shots land for Vargas. Hard right hand to the body lands for Hovhannisyan that gets the crowd’s attention! Hovhannisyan tries to maul Vargas with a couple shots behind the head and gets warned for it. I think Vargas edges the round. Vargas 10-9.

Round 2: Vargas has a small cut over his left eye from the last round. Hovhannisyan tries to brawl with Vargas, throwing a number of hooks on the inside. Vargas walking forward now and lands two body shots. Another right hook lands to the body for Vargas, followed by a left hook upstairs. Hovhannisyan continues to try to press forward and land some big punches. Hovhannisyan goes on the attack again and tries to throw a flurry of punches, landing a left hook. Clubbing left hook pushes Vargas to the canvas and it’s ruled a push. Hovhannisyan 10-9, 19-19.

Round 3: Hovhannisyan having some success by applying more pressure than Vargas is prepared for. Hovhannisyan lands a grazing overhand right hand from range. Now a poking right jab lands for Hovhannisyan. Vargas lands a left hook to the body but Hovhannisyan continues to walk forward. Two more body shots land for Vargas, who is finding the target again. Vargas lets go a flurry to end the round. Vargas 10-9.

Round 4: Hovhannisyan tries to maul Vargas along the ropes but can’t land much clean. Overhand right partially lands for Hovhannisyan. Hard left to the body lands for Vargas. Vargas sneaks in a couple short shots on the inside. Now both fighters trade shots at center ring. Check hook lands for Vargas as Hovhannisyan lunges in. Vargas 10-9, 39-37.

Round 5: Hovhannisyan charges forward and tries to get some leather on Vargas, landing a right hand. Hovhannisyan throws another combination but nothing really lansd. Now Vargas tries to reciprocate and Hovhannisyan holds on. Hard right to the body lands for Vargas. Clean right hand lands for Vargas following a jab. Hovhannisyan comes back with a left hook! I think Vargas edges this round too. Vargas 10-9.

Round 6: Hovhannisyan lands two hard left hooks which snaps Vargas’ head. Hovhannisyan marches forward, trying to land some more big shots. Vargas tries to fight Hovhannisyan off with a combination but he’s undeterred. Hovhannisyan walks forward some more and presses Vargas back to the opes. Hovhannisyan 10-9, 56-58.

Round 7: Hovhannisyan charges forward to start the round. Now Varags is boxing and moving some more using his range and lateral movement with better effect. Good body attack comes from Vargas. Hovhannisyan pulls Vargas down to the matt again. Hovhannisyan also gets warned for head butts. Now Vargas pushed Hovhannisyan down to the canvas. Hovhannisyan circling the outside of the ring now which is certainly a different look for him in this fight. Vargas 10-9.

Round 8: Vargas lands a couple of left hooks to the body and head. Vargas now throws a couple more shots to the body. Vargas clips Hovhannisyan with another left hook but he has the cut over his eye opened up more. Now Hovhannisyan has a cut as well. Hovhannisyan circles the outside again to end the round. Vargas 10-9, 78-74.

Round 9: Hovhannisyan tries a big hook that misses, Vargas then throws Hovhannisyan to the canvas. Nice right hand lands for Hovhannisyan. Body combination comes from Vargas but Hovhannisyan walks forward through it. Two big body shots land for Vargas and Hovhannisyan smiles and dances away. Vargas 10-9.

Round 10: Vargas goes back down to the body but Hovhannisyan continues to look for a way to close the distance. Now Vargas lands a short combination upstairs and Hovhannisyan lowers his head and tries to get in Vargas’ chest. Hovhannisyan has lost some steam on his attack, probably because of the body attack. Vargas 10-9, 98-92.

Round 11: Hovhannisyan tries to lower his head and get in range but Vargas is able to slip away from the advance. Left hook lands for Hovhannisyan, then another one. Two hard hooks land for Hovhannisyan! Another right hook lands for Hovhannisyan. Hovhannisyan 10-9.

Round 12: Hovhannisyan is coming out aggressive, likely knowning he’s down on the cards. Another big cut over Vargas’ right eye emerges from a head clash and the referee calls a time out for doctors to take a look. Hovhannisyan walks forward with a left hook. Nice right hand lands for Vargas. I think Hovhannisyan takes the final round 10-9. Vargas wins the fight 116-112.

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