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Tyson Fury explains why he doesn’t want to fight Tony Bellew

Fury likens the fight to a Pit Bull against a Jack Russell Terrier.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Tony Fury takes some time to respond to Tony Bellew saying that he’d like to fight him now, before Fury gets too sharp with a few fights under his belt...

“I don’t want to fight Tony Bellew. The reason being, he’s a family man and he’s got a wife and kids. And I want him to stay healthy, stay boxing, and earn a few quid and go home easy to his family.

“But if he steps in the ring with the Gypsy King and I unleash hellfire on him — he’s only a small man and I could damage him, hurt him properly. You ain’t messin’ with a David Haye who’s 20 years out of date, you’re messin’ with someone who’s 6’9”, 19 stone, in the prime of me life, who could knock a wall down. One of the hardest punchers in heavyweight boxing but they don’t know it.

“I don’t wanna fight Tony Bellew. Tony Bellew is a light heavyweight/cruiserweight at best, so if I go in there and hurt him then what good is that? How does that make me feel, you know, when he shouldn’t even be in the ring anyway? Listen, we all need money but he doesn’t need money that bad, that he’s gonna lose his senses and get smashed to bits...

“I can let Tony Bellew hit me [right on the chin] and he wouldn’t hurt me. Klitschko detonated right hand after right hand on that jaw there...never wobbled me once. So, Dr. Iron Fists [probably meaning Dr. Steelhammer]. Saw what he done to Joshua with the same punch?! So Tony, poor ol’ Tony, be like a feather duster...

“The end of the day Tony should fight Andre Ward or someone on that level, who’s a light puncher, who’s smaller. Earn a few quid and pack it in. He’s done very well and I’m proud of him. But he doesn’t want no part of this, trust me on that. And I wouldn’t wanna get in there because if I hurt him like I say, I’ll be feeling bad all me life...It’s like putting a Pit Bull down to a Jack Russell, it’s not fair really. And that’s what it would be. It wouldn’t be fair...

“I feel for him and I want him to fight somebody who he’s capable of beating and that’s it, retire. As for even thinking about fighting me, I know it’s a publicity thing and Eddie Hearn, he’ll do anything for money. But one thing, Tony, when you’re hurt severely, Eddie Hearn won’t even put a phone call into ya. You’re a piece of meat to him. Forget about it.”

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