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Kenny Porter says Keith Thurman has been faking injuries

Porter says he believes Thurman’s car accident never happened, just like this latest injury.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Trainer Kenny Porter gives his thoughts on Keith Thurman’s string of injuries, starting with the car accident he had which delayed his first match with Shawn Porter, continuing to this most recent hand injury which has held up the mandatory rematch.

Porter on how he took the news about Thurman’s hand injury which pushed off a rematch with his son:

“It’s, you know, par for the course. Unless he’s ready to prove that he has a hand injury I don’t believe anything is going on there.

“It’s not bad luck [on Thurman’s end]. It’s strategic. It’s not bad luck...You know that first fight he pulled out of, there was never any medical reports given about that. Nothing. Never received anything. There was never any proof of a car in any type of accident so, you know, I made a quick call to Florida, ‘cause I know people in the insurance business, and he had a 2016 car — he said ‘nah, there’s no reports of a 2016 Mustang being in a car accident.’

“Of course you gonna report your new car in a car accident. So it never happened. He knows it never happened.”

On what he thinks is going on with Thurman that he would ‘fake’ a hand injury now:

“I don’t know what it is. I think him and Danny [Garcia] both have a mindset that they don’t wanna fight Shawn and they’re hoping that Shawn is continuing with trying to stay busy and fight other people and I’m sure they rooting against Shawn when he fights. They want him to lose. They have no interest in fighting him.”

“Eventually Shawn will fight Danny for the first time, he’ll fight Keith again — the hope is to fight Errol Spence, Bud Crawford, all of these guys. And then he move on with the rest of his life, ‘cause boxing’s not a sport for guys to stick around forever. These are the top echelon fighters, we wanna fight those guys and we just gonna do whatever we can to make those fights happen.”

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