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Gervonta Davis discusses his issues with Floyd Mayweather

Davis answers media questions about the turmoil with his promoter.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview captured by FightHype, Gervonta Davis answers questions about his ongoing issues with Floyd Mayweather and his thoughts about him as a promoter...

Davis on his reaction to Floyd publicly announcing that he wants him to fight Lomachenko next without even discussing it with him first:

“I felt, when I said what I said — I was forced into the first title fight — then there you go. There you go. He talking to another fighter without talking to me and that promotion or management...[shrugs].”

On what grade he would give Floyd as a promoter:

“[Laughs] No comment.”

On if he’s had any discussion with Floyd to settle their differences:

“We don’t have beef...We’re not seeing eye to eye...he traveling, doing him, and I’m doing me. I’m traveling.”

On how long he’s under contract with Floyd:

“Two years...I think I’m supposed to get like three fights. I mean, they been moving me right...Mayweather Promotions been moving me right, doing what they supposed to be doing with me. It’s just Floyd...”

On what he wants to accomplish in his career:

“Not this year but next year I can fight four times a year...I wanna unify too...I believe I can unify at 130 and take them belts and then move up to 135...start breaking records.”

On if he thinks it was shady that Floyd said he wants him to fight Robert Easter Jr. knowing the close relationship he has with Adrien Broner:

“I actually got a relationship with Robert Easter too. Me and Robert — I don’t see...I never pictured me and Robert fighting. I don’t think that would happen.”

On if he thinks Floyd brought that up just to get under his skin:

“[Nods] Yeah.”

Davis was on Twitter soon thereafter, suggesting he wants to get in the ring with Floyd to settle things with a little fisticuffs.

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