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Ancajas vs Sultan: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Jerwin Ancajas meets Jonas Sultan for a super flyweight title.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Tonight at 9:30 pm ET streaming live on ESPN+, Jerwin Ancajas faces Jonas Sultan in the IBF super flyweight title main event from Fresno, California.

Ancajas (29-1-1, 20 KO) will be defending his title for the fifth time, facing fellow Filipino Sultan (14-3, 9 KO), who upset John Riel Casimero in his last outing, and knocked out veteran Sonny Boy Jaro the bout before that, so don’t let his record fool you.

Ancajas is coming off of a February 3 win over Israel Gonzalez.

In the co-feature, it’s more super flyweight action, as WBA “world” titleholder Khalid Yafai (23-0, 14 KO) faces off with challenger David Carmona (21-5-5, 9 KO). Yafai last fought on October 28 of last year, beating Sho Ishida. Carmona won his last fight in March, but lost three in a row before that. This is a non-title fight, as Carmona missed weight on Friday.

We’ll have live coverage of both fights this evening. Join us for some fights at 115!


  • Jerwin Ancajas def. Jonas Sultan via unanimous decision (119-109, 119-109, 117-111)
  • Kal Yafai def. David Carmona via RTD (after round 7)


Jerwin Ancajas vs Jonas Sultan

Round 1: Ancajas throwing a little in the first minute as we feel it out. Sultan lands a shot. Sultan swings and misses a wild hook. Jab from Sultan. Ancajas shoots a straight left, it misses. Sultan trying to get inside. Ancajas staying on the outside. Left hand late in the round from Ancajas punctuates a round he was winning with his jab. Ancajas 10-9

Round 2: Sultan trying to land power shots, but the jab of Ancajas is dictating this fight right now. Left to the body from Ancajas. Right to the body from Ancajas. Good left up top from southpaw Ancajas. Sultan throws a right back. He needs the openings and isn’t really getting them so far. Not the most thrilling fight so far, but it’s telling its story. Ancajas 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Tim Bradley just said “jab” like 13 times in 20 seconds. That might be an exaggeration. Sultan trying to figure this out. It’s an awkward fight so far and class is showing between the two. Ancajas with the jabs, moving well. Sultan finally lands a wild right hand, but it doesn’t budge Ancajas. Does get a rise from the crowd. Ancajas with a little combination. Then back to the jab. Counter right from Sultan lands again. Ancajas 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Ancajas continuing to control the distance. Not exactly thrilling the Fresno faithful in attendance. Sultan’s rhythm is herky-jerky and weird and nobody is getting anything consistent going besides the jab of Ancajas being poked out there. Ancajas putting some shots together, not landing flush, but getting work in. Sultan with a hook. He’s hanging around. Ancajas 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Heads coming close to clashing, referee telling them to watch it. Sultan trying to go to the body. Ancajas back with body work of his own. Ancajas with the better work still. Sultan is game and peppy and has some things to like, but it’s the technique of Ancajas bossing this fight. Ancajas 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Crowd booing again about a minute into this round. Ancajas continues to own the ring, even if it’s not the flashiest or most impressive thing. Ancajas with a left hand. Scrappy exchange in close, nobody really lands anything, just a bit of flailing. I respect Sultan’s heart but he’s in too deep here. Ancajas landing again. Body work from Ancajas. When he’s close enough, Sultan does throw. There’s nothing getting there, really, but he’s throwing. Ancajas 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Sultan lands early. Ancajas re-takes control. Sultan is able to land a single punch here and there and that’s about it. Ancajas being booed again at the end of the round, but the fight is basically all him. Ancajas 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: I’m honestly running out of things to say and so is the commentary team. Sultan’s corner reportedly thinks Ancajas is getting tired. I mean, he’s certainly more tired now than he was earlier, he’s been fighting a while. It’s still the technique of Ancajas winning the fight. Sultan winging the odd shot. Ancajas is the one landing with any consistency. Ancajas 10-9, 80-72

Round 9: Clash of heads finally happens. Sultan tries to capitalize, as he should. Sultan’s hook starting to do a little something. Hey, maybe we’ve got a late fight here. Sultan’s hook is landing. Good jab from Ancajas after he spins Sultan again. Straight left from Ancajas. Sultan’s best round, definitely. Sultan 10-9, Ancajas 89-82

Round 10: Ancajas back in control this round. Left hook again from Sultan, though. Left hook again gets in. That punch has been there for him in the last two rounds. More boos from the crowd indicate that Ancajas has won another round. Ancajas 10-9, 99-91

Round 11: Heads clash again, Sultan might have a cut. Right hook from Ancajas. Ancajas turning it up just a little bit early in this round. Body work from Ancajas. Sultan landing some shots but nothing real clean. Ancajas back to the body with a left. Ancajas with a couple more shots late. Ancajas 10-9, 109-100

Round 12: They come out throwing to start the 12th and final round. Sultan still trying his best, but the technique continues to show. Ancajas is just a better, far more polished fighter. It’s been the story of the fight. My guess is it’s going to leave a lot of people unimpressed, fair or not. Crowd booing some at the end, but cheering some, too. Ancajas 10-9, 119-109

Kal Yafai vs David Carmona

Round 1: Right hand and left hook from Yafai, but both guys are coming out punching, moving their hands. Yafai with a hook again. Another hook thrown. Right hand up top from Yafai. Left hook and Carmona goes down! He gets up and will fight on. Yafai looking determined to get a quick stoppage here, not fighting stupid, but throwing. Carmona lands a good hook that catches Yafai and Yafai is holding! Yafai covering up and he slips throwing a shot. Hook from Yafai again after the fight resumes. Another hook from Yafai. Carmona bleeding but he lands a couple hooks to the body. Hook again from Yafai, and again. Carmona throwing with him. Yafai 10-8

Round 2: Let’s see what we get here, both guys got rocked in the first. Raul Caiz ruled that Carmona’s blood is from a headbutt. Yafai pressing to start the round, then backs down a bit. Good hook from Yafai. Carmona throwing but getting blocked on just about everything. Yafai leaning on the hook quite a bit. But it’s largely there for him, too, so who can blame him? Yafai digging to the body a bit. Yafai jabbing a bit more now. Good 1-2 from Yafai. Right hand around the side from Yafai. Carmona active but being outfought this round. Yafai 10-9, 20-17

Round 3: Yafai with a jab to the body and a hook up top. Carmona hooking back, looking to the body himself with the right hand. Yafai with another hook up top. Good jabs from Yafai. Carmona with a combination, Yafai to the body, Carmona to the body. Hook from Yafai, hooks from Carmona. Yafai backs him down with a right hand. Both guys throwing a lot. Carmona with an uppercut and a right, and then Yafai back to the body and hooking again. This is a really good, gritty fight so far. Shame that it has the asterisk from Carmona’s weight hanging over it. Yafai 10-9, 30-26

Round 4: Carmona goes down on a body shot, but he says he was hit low. Still, it’s a knockdown. Yafai coming out fast as they get back to work. Yafai mixing it up with his shots really nicely. Replay shows it was in fact a low shot, but it counts. Carmona still throwing right with Yafai, staying active. Again, it’s a really good fight. Carmona with a good right. Yafai back to the body. Yafai back up top with a combination. Yafai’s corner shouting for him to use his legs, which he hasn’t done as much as you might have expected. Yafai back to the body. Good hook at the end of the round from Yafai. Yafai 10-8, 40-34

Round 5: Carmona with a body shot to start the round. Yafai starting to move and jab a bit more, not that he’s giving up on the power shots. Uppercut inside from Yafai. Yafai landing over 50% of his power shots so far according to the stats. Body shots again from Yafai. Carmona starting to look tired to me. He’s still fighting, but the pace is wearing on him. Big combination and down goes Carmona again! He’s up in plenty of time and will keep fighting. Carmona back with a hard right and a body shot as the action resumes. Carmona down again, Caiz calling a timeout. Yafai being told he hit Carmona when he was down. Knockdown counts AND a point taken from Yafai. My God. Yafai 10-7, -1 for Yafai, 49-41

Round 6: Carmona still there, against all odds. Good combination from Yafai, body and head shots. Carmona fires back, but he’s down big here and unless he does something big, it’s already hard to see him finding a way to win this fight. Three punch combo again from Yafai, partially blocked. Another combo from Yafai. Hook from Yafai clips Carmona. Right hand from Yafai. Hook again, right hand, Carmona stuck on the ropes. He’s getting punished now. Carmona fires back with heavy shots, putting everything he’s got into those blows, it would seem. Overhand right from Yafai. Carmona clips him, knocks him off balance a bit. Yafai 10-9, 59-50

Round 7: Yafai with good shots early in this round, Carmona backs down then opens up himself again. Uppercuts inside. I’ve got Carmona losing every round but he’s done something in every round, too. It’s a weird fight, but fun. Good hook again from Yafai catching Carmona backing up. Right hand from Carmona. Yafai ties up. He’s tiring some, which is understandable, same as when I thought Carmona looked to be tiring. But they’re both still throwing plenty enough. Yafai 10-9, 69-59 — fight stopped after the round. Yafai RTD-7

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