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Purse split standing in the way of Canelo-Golovkin rematch

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Tom Loeffler breaks down a sticking point in the negotiations for a Canelo-Golovkin sequel.

Boxing: Canelo vs Golovkin Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Things have been looking bleak as far as a proposed rematch between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin goes. And according to K2 promoter Tom Loeffler, it’s because of Golden Boy’s reluctance to move off of a 65% purse split in favor of their star Mexican fighter.

Loeffler says that their team made a lot of concessions to Canelo in order to make the first fight happen, but now stands firm that Golovkin, as the reigning champion, deserves an equal split with Canelo if there’s to be a part two.

“All Gennady came back with is that, ‘I just want a fair split, I want a 50-50 split. I’m the champion,’” Loeffler told The Press Enterprise.

“But Canelo, for whatever reason, was insisting on still having a huge advantage. ... It was 65-35 percent for the rematch and Gennady thinks that’s just not fair.”

The more time that passes the more unlikely it’s looking that we’ll see a fall rematch between the two middleweights. That said, a lot can still happen between now and then. In the interim Golden Boy has been demonstrating that Canelo doesn’t need Golovkin by engaging other top 160-pounders in preliminary negotiations.