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Wilder: Joshua said he wanted $50M and still didn’t sign, shows his character.

Deontay Wilder gives an updates on where things stand for a potential undisputed heavyweight title unification.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with Fight Hub TV, WBC heavyweight champion Deontay Wilder talks about the ongoing negotiations with unified champion Anthony Joshua. Check it out...

Wilder on how close we are to seeing match between Joshua and himself:

“We’re still in negotiations so, you know, I don’t have a time frame on it just yet but I wanna let everybody know the fight will happen. You know, if they still serious, we been serious this whole way through. Joshua said he wanted $50M and he’ll sign tomorrow. We did that, exactly what he [said] and he didn’t sign so that shows you his character already. Or his team’s character. I think Joshua wanna fight but I don’t think his team wanna risk what they’ve invest.

“Their investment bout to go, and they know it!”

On what’s been holding up finalizing a deal:

“Of course it’s the money! It’s the money. We offered him $50M with a $50M upfront. He would’ve been the first fight ever to get a $50M guarantee upfront. But he allow his people to persuade him to go another way and that ain’t cool for the fighter nor his family...

“If he willing to take a $20M [pay cut] to go to his country to go to his country and fight then so be it.”

On when and where he thinks the fight will take place:

“We’re not sure yet. You know, if we have it in England it’ll be in September. If it’s here in America it’ll be in November.”

On Team Joshua’s insistence on seeing proof of funds:

“That’s just a tactic of they don’t want the fight...They know my people — that’s nothing. We wouldn’t have offered it if it wasn’t real. You know, we’re not playing around. This is not a game that I play. I’m very serious about what I say, I’m very serious about what I do.”

On his thoughts on Eddie Hearn’s $1B deal with DAZN:

“Well it’s not a billion dollar deal, you know. They’ve said a lot of things — it’s over a period of time, which I think he’s gonna have a very hard time signing American fighters because of the character of their actions dealing with me. They’ve done a lot of lying, they’ve manipulated the people, you know, they contradict themselves. You know, these are facts, this ain’t nothing to throw their name under the bus. These are facts. These are their own actions. “

On Hearn’s interest in signing him to a promotional deal and if he wants to entertain the idea:

“Not at all. I don’t need to sign with no one. You know, I’m bout to do my own thing soon anyway. I don’t need to sign with anyone.”

On what happens if he fights Joshua:

“It’s only one way that go down — there’s only one man that goes down...One of those endorsers, they better write their name on the bottom of his shoe, because he’s gonna be ass down, feet up! I told Ortiz he’s gonna be head down, ass up — it’s gonna be the opposite.”

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