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Martirosyan: I see Golovkin running into shots!

Vanes Martirosyan talks about this weekend’s fight against Gennady Golovkin.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

In this video interview with our colleagues at Fight Hub TV, Vanes Martirosyan talks about this Saturday’s middleweight title fight against Gennady Golovkin and how he envisions the fight playing out. Check out some excepts below...

Martirosyan on the opportunity in front of him to become the middleweight champion of the world:

“I’m so focused on the fight, I’m not, um, I’m thinking about how to beat this guy. I’m thinking about how to destroy him and, you know, all the gifts will come after the fight...right now I’m just thinking about how to take him out. So focused on the fight it’s ridiculous, never been this focused.”

On how the last couple of weeks in training camp have gone since we’ve last heard from him:

“Staying sharp. You know, we were in the gym before also. Just staying sharp and just game plan. Everyday, game plan, game plan. You know, just walking down the street — game plan...this is gonna be the best version of me, I believe.”

On if he’s re-thought his plan of coming forward to bang with Golovkin instead of trying to box him instead:

“I wanna go straight forward to see what the man has. I mean I’ve got all the ability to do whatever I want to do in there. You know, you go into the ring, as the fight goes on you change your game plan, you’re able to adapt. The good thing about [my trainer] is he’s very good with things like that, he’s able to change game plans during the fight.

“Right now I’m just thinking going in there and just, you know, going all out with this guy and after that, we’ll decide after that.”

On the prevailing wisdom suggesting that’s the worst possible approach for him to take against Golovkin:

“Well I’m a nightmare, you know what I mean? You want a nightmare, you’re gonna see it. He can hit me but I can hit him also, you know? I know that he has the power, but I also have power also, so we’ll see how he takes mine and how I take his.”

On how he’s handled this as the most media attention he’s ever received for a fight:

“It’s amazing, you know. It just shows you like if you stayed focused, you work hard and you stick to the game plan, you become victorious. You get everything, you get all of this...So that motivation alone just pushed me to work so hard and stay more focused.”

On the relief of not having to cut to 154lbs to make weight for this fight:

“It’s amazing, I get to eat a little bit. I don’t have to worry about the ‘54, you know? I was really killing myself to make ‘54 to be honest. But I was making it, but it was hard. People don’t know the struggle you go through to make weight. 160 is good, I get to put on more pounds, I get to eat a little more, I’m eating barbecue here and there so it’s all good.”

On how he sees the fight playing out:

“I mean, I see him running into shots, him coming in and I land a really nice shot...he’s gonna be throwing punches too, it’s not like I’m fighting a punching bag, you know what I mean? So we’ll see in there, man. ‘Cause I just see something, man. I’ve see it bro, it’s gonna happen, bro. Oh my god, it’s gonna happen, bro.”

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