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Spence: Fight with Crawford will happen, just won’t happen next

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Errol Spence discusses a potential showdown for welterweight supremacy.

Errol Spence talks to reporters after his open media workout to discuss a potential welterweight showdown with Terence Crawford and if and when he thinks that fight could happen. Check it out.

Spence on if a fight against Crawford could realistically happen:

“Yeah. I don’t think it’s gonna happen next — business wise and network things and promoter’s just the suits [that will hold it up]...It’s gonna definitely happen. I mean he gets the belt [against Jeff Horn], I want that belt like I said, so it’s gonna happen. I don’t know if it’s gonna happen right away.

“I mean even Bob Arum’s saying it’s not gonna happen right away, he’s saying it might happen later in 2019 or some shit like that...”

On Crawford saying he sees holes in his game:

“I mean if he sees holes in my game keep it to yourself and bring it out when the time present itself...Everybody say they see holes in my game. Kell Brook said I was just Jeff Lacy 2.0. I mean Chris Algieri said that. I mean they all say I got holes in my game...”