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Haye: Bellew panicked, I’ll stop him before the final bell

David Haye talks about the little dust up with Tony Bellew during the final presser.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

During yesterday’s final press conference for the Tony Bellew vs David Haye rematch, things got a little heated during the face off where Bellew would end up shoving Haye.

Talking to Fight Hub TV about the incident Haye had these remarks on what transpired...

“I think, uh, Tony Bellew panicked. I think he tried to verbally get to me, get under my skin, and that didn’t work. So he thought maybe if I give him a shove that might rear him up and get his blood boiling, get him saying and doing stuff that gets my mind off the job in hand on Saturday, and it didn’t work, you know.

“You know, gave me quite a shove but I’m used to getting punched in the face so a shove is not really gonna phase me that much.

“...I didn’t try and kiss him, our lips were pretty close and he gave me an almighty’s all irrelevant, it’s all meaningless stuff...I’m in prime condition...

“A prediction, I stop Tony Bellew before the final bell. He won’t hear it.”

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