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GGG-Martirosyan: Gennady Golovkin’s Post-Fight Press Conference

Gennady Golovkin reacts to his swift KO of Vanes Martirosyan.

Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Following his swift and brutal second-round knockout of Vanes Martirosyan on Saturday, Gennady Golovkin sat down for his post-fight presser to discuss the fight and what’s next for him. Check out some excerpts below with the full video above...

Golovkin on tying Bernard Hopkins’ record of 20 middleweight title defenses:

“This is huge situation for me. You know, just, seriously, this is record. Probably, maybe I’m not understand 100% right now, just maybe in the future. You know, maybe my son he tell me ‘Hey, pop! This is huge!’ you know...Thank you people who support me and support boxing of course.”

On if he still gives it a 10% chance that he’ll rematch Canelo:

“10% is a lot for this situation. Seriously. I’m ready, I’m ready. I want to fight May 5th, Cinco De Mayo, you know, I’m ready 100%. I give [Canelo] a lot of options. Look, my situation, Canelo situation right now — just, you know, just I give him a lot percent, you know? Just I think nobody have more percent. Like everybody has like 5%, you know? Of course he’s my priority.”

Tom Loeffler on Golovkin’s next fight:

“The IBF granted our request for an exception — it was specifically to fight a non-sanctioned opponent, Vanes wasn’t in their ratings — but Derevyanchenko is not in any other ratings either. He’s in the IBF ratings but not in the WBC, WBA ratings...So [the IBF] granted our exception with conditions. Some of the conditions need clarifying so Pat English on GGG’s behalf an appeal of — not of the ruling that they granted for him but of the conditions. We need to clarify the conditions because some of the conditions actually go against their existing rules. So once we get the response from the IBF then we’ll see what happens with that...”

Golovkin on if he was trying to send Canelo a message with how he fought on Saturday:

“No! I like my job, you know...No because if I send him message I don’t have fight in September.”

On what he feels he gained by keeping his May 5th fight date by fighting Martirosyan:

“I come back, just I bring my records, just people love it — this situation...I understand maybe Vanes, he’s not world class, you know, everybody wants second fight [with Canelo], second step. Of course I want too. It’s very important for me, for boxing people, for everything. Just, I’m ready. Just let’s do it, September.”

On how he rates Martirosyan’s power:

“Everybody’s strong. This is boxing, come on.”

On if he wants to face Jermall Charlo next if he can’t get Canelo:

“Absolutely. I’m open for anybody. Absolutely. Just right now is more interesting situation, middleweight division. So many great peoples come. Just more interesting.”

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