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Jermall Charlo: Golovkin really don’t wanna fight me

Jermall Charlo talks about the fighters he’s targeting at 160.

Jermall Charlo talks to media members about Bob Arum and Eddie Hearn wanting to sign him and why he thinks Gennady Golovkin doesn’t want to face him...

Charlo on Arum and Hearn wanting to sign him:

“Eddie Hearn, Bob Arum, those guys, you know, reaching out — it’s like that when you the best in the world and they feel like they can make good business tip off of it, good money off of it and it is what it is. Bob Arum is one of the best promoters out there, Eddie Hearn is doing a great job over there in the UK.

“I have nothing bad to say about these people but right now I’m comfortable and I’m where I wanted to be. Golovkin’s on the radar, Canelo’s on the menu, Jacobs on the hit list. It is what it is, I’ll get a chance to figure out where they at sooner or later.”

On De La Hoya saying he was reaching out about a Canelo fight:

“Yeah Oscar haven’t contacted me yet. Don’t listen to the hype. He gonna say that — Oscar has not contacted me or my team about fighting Canelo. Don’t listen to the hype.

“I just read [what Oscar said], I knew it was a lie! Oscar is not considering me [for] one of those fights but if it is of course I’m here for it.”

On Golovkin:

“Golovkin — they said he wanna fight me but he really don’t wanna fight me. I mean, you see the comments that his trainer and those guys are making, it’s not giving me hope...I’m here though!

“Like I said, I’m the interim champion — he don’t fight me, I move up to the belt then I call the shots. And you know what I’ma do! I’ma change the game! I’ma go and get em! It’s not gonna be a waiting game when you see me at the top...”

On the Top 5 opponents he’d like to face:

“Top 5 on my list? Ya’ll know who the top 5 on my list. It’s everybody with a belt in my division. Of course Golovkin got all the belts so he’s #1. Canelo’s up there. Jacobs is another fight. Saunders another fight I want. They just tried to reinvent this new kid from Golden Boy [Jaime Munguia]...He’s at my brother’s weight, but was gonna fight Golovkin so, you know, stay out that division! ‘Cause, you know, it get hot in that division. Like I’m against everybody in my division so it is what it is...You in my division I wanna fight you, I don’t wanna be friends with you.”

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