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Crawford-Horn: Terence Crawford’s Post-Fight Press Conference

Crawford gives his thoughts on his outstanding performance against Jeff Horn over the weekend.

Following his dominant win over Jeff Horn this past Saturday, newly minted welterweight champion Terence Crawford spoke to the media about the fight and his thoughts on the welterweight landscape. Crawford came out on the dias and immediately addressed the media:

“Why ya’ll lookin’ so sad? Ya’ll mad? It’s alright, it’s alright, it’s alright. They mad.”

On if he feels like he’s hitting his peak at 147lbs:

“Yeah I feel like I’m getting better and better. I feel like I’m stronger, more, you know, energized. I feel like this a great division for me.”

On his exceptional use of footwork to create favorable angles:

“If you watch me fight, it’s the same thing. You know, make my adjustments and catch ‘em coming in if that’s what they wanna do, or go to ‘em. You gotta bring your feet with your hands so that’s something that we practice on.”

On how he feels he matches up against Errol Spence:

“I do well with him. I believe I do well with any welterweight in the division and so forth.”

On if the war of words with the Horn camp leading into the fight provided any additional motivation or satisfaction:

“Of course, but I knew where they camp was coming from. You know, they was trying to get under my skin. I’m pretty sure they wasn’t believing nothing that they was sayin’. They was just coming up with excuse after excuse. What him and his coaches and my coaches had going on didn’t have nothing to do with me, I stayed focused.”

On when he felt confident he would stop Jeff Horn:

“About the second, third round I knew that I was the stronger guy, I knew that his punches couldn’t hurt me and I hit him with, I think, a right hook that really hurt him and I knew it was just a matter of time.”

Of if he feels there’s anything he can do to raise his persona outside the ring to make himself a more marketable star:

“I believe I just gotta keep doing what I’m doing.”

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