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Mike Tyson: Tyson Fury could beat Deontay Wilder

Mike Tyson likes Tyson Fury in a potential matchup with Deontay Wilder. Is he on-point?

Nevada Boxing Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Hey, Mike Tyson. Question: Tyson Fury is back in the mix. 6‘9“, very charismatic, very complex. Very talented?

The question was put to him by the boys at Sirius/XM, Randy Gordon and Gerry Cooney.

“Do you think 6’9“ Tyson Fury can become a force again in the heavyweight division?” Gordon asked Tyson, the ex-heavyweight champion and still the most fascinating dude in the room no matter where he is.

This exchange came this past weekend, at the International Boxing Hall of Fame, in Canastota, NY, where Tyson was inducting his pal Jim Gray, the Showtime interrogator.

Tyson: “I think he could beat Deontay Wilder.”

Why, why do you think that, Gordon pressed.

Tyson: “He’s just made for the guy, you know what I mean? Tyson’s very awkward, (Wilder’s) not used to fighting a guy that awkward or that big either.”

Provocative; but I do think if Tyson studied tape of the last Fury fight, against Sefer Seferi, he might want to re-think his assessment of Fury vs Wilder. What say YOU?

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