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Fortuna vs Granados: Final press conference quotes

Javier Fortuna faces Adrian Granados this Saturday on Showtime.

Amanda Westcott/SHOWTIME


“Everyone knows what I can do here in the ring. I’m very glad to be here meeting Granados, because we’re going to give the fans a a great fight on Saturday that’s going to steal the show.

“I know that Granados has fought a lot of top opposition, but on Saturday night, I’m going to be a different fighter than he’s ever seen in the ring.

“This will be a battle. Everyone will see on fight night what the difference is between me and him. I’m a special fighter. I’m going to prove it again on Saturday.”


“It’s been a long hard road to this fight. I know I have marks on my record, but I can easily say that I know all of them have been controversial. I’ve pushed through everything and I know that I’m truly respected as a fighter.

“I’m always going to bring the same fire and determination to the ring. If my opponent is brave enough to stand with me, then it’s going to be all-action. Either way, I’m coming to break him down and get the victory.

“Recently I’ve gone against a lot of opposition that is naturally bigger than me, but I’ve never backed down or been afraid of any of them. This fight is going to prove that I belong in the upper echelon of boxing.

“I’ve checked out Fortuna’s fights and he’s a scrapper. He likes to bang too in the ring just like I do. It’s all the recipes for a can’t miss fight.”

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