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Spence: Once I unify 3 belts I’ll go see Crawford

Errol Spence takes media questions ahead of his title defense tomorrow on Showtime.

Errol Spence took some time to talk to media reporters about his upcoming fight this weekend as well as a potential showdown with Terence Crawford. Check out what he had to say below...

Spence on if he’s tired about being asked about facing Crawford as that fight could be unrealistic:

“I mean it’s not unrealistic but it’s not gonna happen right now. I mean we got two belts that’s on my side of the street that I’m looking to capture, so it’s something that’s not gonna happen right now.’

On how difficult it is not to overlook tomorrow’s fight against Ocampo:

“It’s not tough at all, just knowing that somebody’s coming in there to knock my head off. So that keeps me focused in the gym, keeps me training hard. He’s got two hands and wearing 8oz gloves so he can easily hurt me just like I can hurt him.”

On if he feels that Crawford is cut from the same cloth as him:

“A little bit. I don’t really know him like that, just what I see on social media and what people tell me. But like Terence Crawford said, he’s willing to fight anybody, he wants to fight the best, and that’s what I like to hear. I like to hear fighters say I want to fight the best in my division, I want all the belts, I want to be undisputed welterweight champion and things like that. That’s what I want to hear.

“I want to hear the other guys say that too so we can get these fights made. So it’s definitely gonna happen, I don’t know when, I mean realistically it’s not gonna happen now, but this fight is gonna build up. I still got two belts on my side of the street that I’m looking to get and that’s way easier to make than a Terence Crawford fight. So I’m staying on my side of the street, I’ma get those belts, when I have three of the belts and unify, then we’ll go look at Terence Crawford.”

On what he felt about Crawford’s performance against Horn:

“I mean I just seen the usual, the usual Terence Crawford. I mean he looked skilled, he did his thing. I just never been impressed with Jeff Horn period, ever, so that’s just what that was with me.”

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