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Spence-Ocampo: Errol Spence’s Post-Fight Press Conference

Errol Spence talks to the media after his short fight with Carlos Ocampo.

Following Errol Spence’s first round knockout of Errol Ocampo, Spence showed up to the post-fight presser to discuss the fight and what’s next for him. Check out some excerpts below.

“I’m still wearing my stuff because my sponsors didn’t get enough TV time,” Spence started with a laugh.

“The fight ended, you know, real early — I thought at least it was gonna go until like the fourth, fight round. If he woulda got up I probably woulda carried him to the fourth, fifth round but, you know, it didn’t happen like that. I was kinda disappointed but I didn’t take any punishment, you know, I can still come back this year so that’s a good thing and, um, it’s only up from here. We gonna keep doing great events...”

Spence on how realistic he thinks it is that he gets the Porter-Garcia winner by the end of this year and who he would fight next if he’s to face someone before then:

“I’m probably gonna fight later on this year, most likely, especially not taking any punishment tonight. So definitely gonna happen but the unification fight the Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter, that’s definitely gonna happen too. It should be probably first quarter next year. You know, they fight [each other] like August, September, so they probably take a little time off but, you know, it’s definitely gonna happen.

“We got Keith Thurman supposed to be coming back this year too. So that’s another unification fight that I can have, you know, and it’s easy to make. Like I been saying, same manager, same network, we do business with the same people, so it’s an easy fight to make.”

On if he’s be interesting in fight Yordenis Ugas in the interim, or anybody else:

“Ugas a good fighter. I mean, but like I said, I want big names. If I was looking at somebody, Jessie Vargas would be in front of Ugas...I’m looking for big names, I’m looking for ex-world champions and guys I can build my legacy on. No disrespect to Ugas, he’s a great fighter, and he’s ranked in the IBF so I’m gonna have to fight him, but I’m looking to build my legacy and me beating Ugas not gonna get me anywhere.”

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