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Tyson Fury hoping for a better fight in Belfast return

Tyson Fury wants to get hit a few times in August.

Frank Warren Boxing Press Conference Photo by Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

Tyson Fury’s return to the ring on June 9 in Manchester went about as expected for most, with Fury playing with an overmatched cruiserweight for a few rounds before Sefer Seferi suddenly quit the fight without being touched up much at all.

The fight has drawn criticism, and a response from promoter Frank Warren saying that it was simply about getting Fury back in the ring, which is fair enough, really. And now Fury (26-0, 19 KO) is set to return on August 18 in Belfast, where he says he’s hoping for a better fight:

“It was disappointing to say the least for me, because I trained for six months. I hoped he would take me a bit longer and give me a better fight. It was what it was. I can’t complain.

”I came out unscathed, still good-looking as ever, still got my senses and I’m here, roll on Belfast. Come on, let’s go. I hope this time I get someone back who can have a fight with me, punch me in the face a couple of times, give me a busted nose, and a busted mouth, and I hit him back and I knock him upside down.”

Fury is unlikely to face any significant challenge in this fight, either, but they could at least sign up a proper heavyweight, even if it’s a journeyman.

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