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Luis Nery gets 6 month suspension from WBC

Nery failed to make weight by several pounds for his mandated rematch with Shinsuke Yamanaka.

Luis Nery v Shinsuke Yamanaka - WBC Bantamweight Title Bout Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images

Former bantamweight titleholder Luis Nery finally learned his fate from the WBC yesterday as the sanctioning body finally dolled out it’s official ruling for Nery coming in three pounds overweight for his mandated rematch with Shinsuke Yamanaka in March. Nery has been suspended for 6 months for the infraction and won’t be allowed to participate in any WBC sanctioned bouts, ESPN reports.

When Nery originally tested positive for a banned substance in his title win over Yamanaka last year, the WBC ordered that he run it back with Yamanaka, but this time Nery would step on the scales at 121lbs for the contracted 118lb contest. Nery would immediately be stripped of his title but the fight with Yamanaka would go on, and Nery would blast him out in two rounds, retiring Yamanaka. The WBC would then issue an indefinite suspension to Nery, who now has a more defined punishment.

“The WBC Board of Governors hereby suspends Mr. Nery from participating in any WBC-sanctioned activities for six months from the date he failed to make weight or through September 1, 2018,” the WBC wrote in its resolution. “Mr. Nery shall undertake a complete mass index examination given by a health care provider approved by the WBC to confirm if he is suitable to compete in the bantamweight division.”

In addition the WBC has ruled that they will select a nutritionist to work with Nery to institute and supervise Nery’s diet, as his own cost, for the duration of his suspension. The nutritionist will then report Nery’s status directly to the WBC during this time. Should Nery not follow the WBC’s program, he will again receive an indefinite suspension and be fined by the organization.

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