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Sanchez: Money made Canelo a different person

Trainer Abel Sanchez talks about the changes he’s seen in Canelo Alvarez over the years.

During a media press conference, Abel Sanchez, the trainer for Gennady Golovkin, talks about how he believes Canelo has turned into a diva with the fame and fortune he’s received over the past few years.

“[Canelo] was in my training camp probably about six years ago. He spent three different training camps at my camp. And as Gennady would just say, he was a different kind of person. He was very humble, a very nice kid. It seems that today his riches have made him a different person.

“He’s a very good fight. He’s an exceptional fighter. He’s doing a lot with the boxing in Mexico, but as fast as he went up, they go back down. And all the people you stepped on on they way up you’re gonna meet on the way down so, I think his persona today is diva-like sometimes. His actions, what he says, what he doesn’t say and doesn’t do, hurt him.”

On if Golovkin’s rivalry with Canelo has turned into a personal hatred:

“I don’t think it’s hate but I don’t think that it’s out — those [past rivalries I’ve been involved in] were inside the ring, not outside the ring. So what Canelo’s doing outside the ring is hurting Canelo, not hurting Golovkin. But if this ends up being the kind of fight we think it’s gonna be, I think that could be a rivalry for a third one and a fourth one...

“It’s not hate it’s just bad blood because of what [Canelo] put us through. Yeah, there are some wrongs that need to be righted, and they will be on the 15th.”

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