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Robert Garcia talks Mikey Garcia-Robert Easter unification

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Garcia says his younger brother has never faced someone as tall as Easter before.

In an interview with Fight Hub TV, trainer Robert Garcia talks about Mikey Garcia’s upcoming lightweight title unification with Robert Easter Jr. next month.

“You know, it’s an interesting fight because Robert Easter is very tall. Mikey has fought some tall guys but never somebody that tall. It’s gonna be pretty interesting. We already got very tall sparring partners and Mikey’s doing a great job but it’s gonna be interesting...We don’t expect it to be an easy fight, we think it’s gonna be a very competitive fight so we’re gonna be in great shape.”

On how he views the height difference:

“It’s fuckin’ huge. That fucker’s tall, man. I’m not saying he’s huge because he’s skinny, but he’s tall! He’s tall and it’s gonna be interesting to see how he fights against Mikey...

“But hey, in the ring Mikey’s gonna do his job, Robert Easter is gonna do what he’s training to do, it’s gonna be an interesting fight. Mikey don’t care [about the height difference], Mikey fights anybody. He don’t care, but he is tall. It’s almost like a full head on top of Mikey. It’s a big difference.”

On how training camp has been going:

“It’s all good right now, man. You know, we’re already sparring, we got two sparring partners and the third one is gonna start, not this coming week, but the following...No predictions [for this fight], it’s gonna be a helluva fight, the fans are gonna enjoy a great fight. We’re gonna go out there, we’re gonna definitely train to win, but it’s gonna be a great fight, the fans are gonna enjoy it...I hope to see a full house.”