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Joseph Diaz Jr. to face Jesus Rojas on August 11th

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Rojas knocked out Claudio Marrero for the interim WBA title last year

Joseph Diaz v Manuel Avila Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Undeterred by his loss to WBC Featherweight champ Gary Russell Jr., Joseph Diaz Jr. is reportedly set to challenge interim WBA champ Jesus Rojas on August 11th. Diaz’s manager, Ralph Heredia, says that the fight is agreed-to and there are just a handful of details to iron out before Golden Boy makes an official announcement.

Diaz (26-1, 14 KO) gave Russell a tough out in May, but fell in too deep a hole early on to make a comeback. He’s just 25, though, and has a solid record that suggests he still belongs among the featherweight elite.

Rojas (26-1-2, 19 KO) is no soft touch. Unbeaten since 2008, Rojas stopped Claudio Marrero for the belt last September, which is a notable feat considering Marrero brutally knocked out Carlos Zambrano and Jorge Lara immediately before and after that fight, respectively, in a combined 2:03.

He’s BoxRec’s #13 featherweight while Diaz is #9. This is a great fight and I hope we get a convenient means to watch it.