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Parker’s promoter unhappy with selection of officials by BBBoC

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David Higgins says his last two experiences with British officiating have been disgraceful.

Joseph Parker Press Conference Photo by Phil Walter/Getty Images

As former heavyweight titleholder Joseph Parker gets ready to take on Dillian Whyte on July 28 in England, his promoter voices some of his concerns over the British Boxing Board of Control’s choice of officials for his last couple of fights — notably Parker’s fight with Anthony Joshua and his previous one against Hughie Fury.

Higgins believes the officiating in those fights were particularly bad and can’t find a reason why the British Board hasn’t appointed more established referees who have developed good reputations, telling Sky Sports:

“Twice we have come to the UK and twice the officiating has involved a level of disgrace.

“They are on notice. We would like to see the British Boxing Board of Control and the officials selected be competent, experienced, well-known professionals. Ideally neutral with a good track record. We hope that’s not too much to ask.”

Higgins specifically pointed out how the Italian referee for the Joshua-Parker fight did not allow the fighters to engage each other probably and in response to the public indictment, Robert Smith, general secretary of the BBBoC, has assured Higgins that the board will assign a world class referee to this weekend’s fight.