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De La Hoya: How can Golovkin demand 50/50 split with Canelo when he’s not a draw?!

Oscar De La Hoya gives his response to Gennady Golovkin’s purse demands for a rematch with Canelo rematch.

During a media event captured by Fight Hub TV, Golden Boy promoter Oscar De La Hoya talks about the current status of the Canelo-Golovkin rematch negotiations and what needs to happen in order to get the deal over the line.

De La Hoya their thoughts on Golovkin’s 50/50 purse split demand:

“Ah, it’s ludicrous. It really is. It’s ridiculous. I mean, you know, GGG can go fight Vanes and make $1 million dollars or go fight Canelo and make $20+. I mean, it doesn’t make any business sense. I mean how can one fighter demand a 50/50 when he’s not even a draw at all?! And Canelo can go fight [Daniel] Jacobs and do 800+ [thousand] homes, easy. So I think that we’re close, we’re not far away, we’re very close and I’m hoping it can get done in the next couple days.”

In another part of the interview, which can be seen here, De La Hoya continues to say the prospects of getting a Canelo-Golovkin rematch are contingent on Golovkin moving off his demands of an even split. He says that Canelo has a lot of other options, and has even been considering a move to 168lbs.

“We will fight in September, that’s for sure...there’s no doubt about that. I think it’s just a matter of having Eric Gomez, my president, sitting down with Tom Loeffler and making it happen. But I strongly feel that if they can move from 50/50 then obviously this fight can be made. And obviously we’re not being greedy at all. Not at all. We’re being very fair and as long as they can move from 50/50 this fight can easily be made.”

On what alternative options there are for Canelo, if not Golovkin:

“Oh you have Daniel Jacobs and [Billy Joe] Saunders. Those are the top two guys. I mean, there’s guys like [Spike] O’Sullivan, you know, you have other guys too as well. I mean Canelo has even thought of moving to [1]68. So there’s a lot of options. Look, Canelo wants to fight the best, he wants to be the best, he’s even willing to go up to 168, whatever it takes! So if they can move from 50/50 and just budge a little, then we can make it happen.”

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