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Crawford vs Horn: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Terence Crawford takes on Jeff Horn in a welterweight title clash.

Terence Crawford v Jeff Horn Official Press Conference Photo by Bradley Kanaris/Getty Images

Tonight at 9:30 pm ET on ESPN+, Terence Crawford moves up to the welterweight division in search of a third world title, as he takes on WBO 147-pound titleholder Jeff Horn in the main event from Las Vegas.

Crawford (32-0, 23 KO) has won titles at lightweight and junior welterweight, and has dominated in both divisions. He fully unified at 140 in his last outing, a thrashing of Julius Indongo, and now looks to join one of boxing’s glory divisions by winning another belt.

But Horn (18-0-1, 12 KO) stands in his way. This is the man who upset Manny Pacquiao last summer, but that was at home in Australia, and it was plenty controversial. If he beats Crawford, it could be an even bigger upset than the win over Manny.

In the co-feature, Jose Pedraza (23-1, 12 KO) will face Antonio Moran (23-2, 16 KO) in a 10-round lightweight bout.

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  • Terence Crawford def. Jeff Horn by TKO (2:33 of round 9)
  • Jose Pedraza def. Antonio Moran by unanimous decision (96-94, 96-94, 96-94)


Jeff Horn vs Terence Crawford

Round 1: Crawford starting southpaw. Horn caught with a couple shots as he rushes in. Crawford is throwing with intent early. Horn with a good right hand. Another right gets in, but Crawford lands a shot at about the same time. Crawford shows his hand speed late in the round. Interesting first round. Crawford 10-9

Round 2: Horn rushing in a lot, which is what Crawford probably wants to get him to walk into something. Lots of tying up. Referee warning them. Crawford still seems to be feeling it out, which we’ve seen him do early in fights before. Left to the body from Bud. Left hand up top. Horn with a little hook. Horn really trying to get inside, as expected. Crawford not letting it happen so far. Crawford 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Horn walks into a hard right hook from Crawford. Quick little exchange. Horn clearly willing to eat shots to get in close, as he’ll need to be. Jabs from Crawford from the southpaw stance. Left hand lands upstairs. Crawford having a very good round here. Left hand lands again, then a jab, then another left. Two jabs from Crawford after he misses an uppercut. Crawford may have flicked the switch this round. Crawford 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Bradley compares this to Mayweather-Hatton. I think he’s got some good points there. Horn having a terrible time finding rhythm or getting anything done. Another good round here for Crawford, he’s picking Horn apart. Not as flashy this round as the third, but he’s clearly in the driver’s seat. Crawford 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: Crawford doing a great job taking advantage of Horn’s mistakes and lack of ability to switch things up. As Tim Bradley says, Crawford is winning “every aspect” of this fight, including the grappling. Horn warned for holding. Horn’s breathing fairly heavy. Crawford just shoves him away when they grapple again. Crawford pushing Horn back now, physically and mentally dominating him. This is getting nasty. Crawford 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: Crawford just taking Horn apart. The talent gap is huge here. Horn can’t do anything and he’s fading. Crawford going to the body. Another shot to the body moments later. Crawford is just a mean fighter in the ring. And a bad dude. Horn has zero answers for this. Crawford 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Horn, to his credit, is still trying. He’s got one speed, but he’s still on it. Nothing he’s doing is very effective, but he’s in there. Crawford targeting that body again. Jab upstairs. Horn with little right hands, not much on them. Crawford with a lead left. Body shot again from Crawford. Another one. Horn’s fans trying to will him back into this. Left uppercut from Crawford nearly gets home as Horn comes in reckless again. Crawford 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: Crawford continues to control the fight. He goes orthodox and he’s still easily handing things. Left hooks are landing. Uppercut lands. Crawford goes back southpaw for the moment. Horn does land a right. Horn tagged hard with a left, and now Crawford smells blood! He’s attacking with 30 seconds left in the round! Horn hurt and a body shot lands from Bud! Horn trying to find breathing room, left hand from Crawford is just short. Horn’s gonna survive the round, it appears. Another left gives Horn the stanky leg but he stays up at the bell! Crawford 10-9, 80-72

Round 9: Crawford coming out fast to start the round. He clearly wants to finish this thing. Horn still trying, bless him. He’s a fighter, and he’s tough as nails. Long, sweeping left from Crawford stings Horn. Another left lands. Combination, hooks, uppercut sends Horn back, and this time Horn’s glove touches the canvas and he’s officially ruled down. He’s getting the hell beaten out of him in here. Crawford coming in to finish after the fight resumes. Crawford storming, Robert Byrd steps in! Crawford TKO-9

Jose Pedraza vs Antonio Moran

Round 1: Pedraza going to the body early, looking to set up something upstairs, perhaps. Moran trading with him on the inside, lands his own body shot. Left hook from Moran gets in, not much on it, but it got there. Pedraza with a hook upstairs. Jab from Pedraza. Moran working hard with combinations, but Pedraza rips back with a right hand and a body shot, they are exchanging to close the first round. Pedraza 10-9

Round 2: Moran has big dimensions for 135 but clearly doesn’t have Pedraza’s technique or natural ability. Moran is cut and it’s bleeding plenty from the bridge of the nose. Moran throwing plenty, but having trouble landing clean. Pedraza shelling up defensively at times, though, and that allows Moran to look good for a moment. Pedraza 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: I love listening to Mark Kriegel argue with people. Not so much because I like Kriegel but because it brings loud talking head stuff to boxing and we might as well at this point. Anyway, Pedraza just looks like the better fighter here to me. He’s a better technician, more efficient, landing better punches, has done more damage. Moran is game and in the fight, but he’s being beaten. Good counter right late in the round from Pedraza. It’s not a bad fight. Pedraza 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: Moran opening up with a lot of offense about halfway into this round, and starting to actually land some shots. He’s just relentlessly throwing. Pedraza making loads of defensive moves but not throwing much back. Pedraza lands a couple late in the round. Moran on the ropes and Pedraza getting some shots back. I still think Pedraza is mostly in control here but Moran sure is making it fun enough to watch. Moran 10-9, Pedraza 39-37

Round 5: Moran not throwing like a madman to start this round and that just fully favors Pedraza. Pedraza jabbing a little. Moran steps in and wings shots, Pedraza back with a right. Good uppercut from Pedraza. Pedraza boxing OK from the back foot in spots this round, too. Good right from Pedraza as Moran opens up again. Pedraza 10-9, 49-46

Round 6: Slower pace again to start this round, and again that favors the more polished Pedraza. Pedraza picking and pecking, and making Moran miss. Another efficient round for Pedraza here. I will gladly watch Moran fight, I just think he’s largely getting schooled and busted up. Pedraza 10-9, 59-55

Round 7: ESPN crew pretty much agree that Moran needs a KO at this point, which is probably true, but then you never really know. Pedraza turning southpaw again, doing decent work from both stances in this fight. Good right hand from Moran. There doesn’t seem to be any real zip, and Pedraza stings him back with a hard body shot. Moran has expended a lot of energy and lost a good amount of blood. Pedraza getting hit with the right from the defensive southpaw stance. Still, another Pedraza round for me. Pedraza 10-9, 69-64

Round 8: Joe Cortez has it 67-66, giving Moran the last two. I don’t see it but I could also be getting lazy. Or he could be wrong. I don’t know. I am starting to think Pedraza boxing southpaw is a mistake. Not so much that I think he’s losing but it’s giving Moran more chances to score. Pedraza still landing cleaner and better shots for me. Has more mustard on his punches at this point. Pedraza 10-9, 79-73

Round 9: Pedraza staying southpaw, still boxing, still picking his spots, still the better skilled fighter. Body shots landing, and good ones. Hard body shot and a left to the head from Pedraza late in the round. Pedraza pops him again before the bell. Pedraza 10-9, 89-82

Round 10: Moran needs something big for me, and even if you have it a couple rounds closer like Joe Cortez does on the broadcast, he still needs something big. I think 87-84 is as close as you could probably have it. Good counter jab from Pedraza catches Moran open. Moran just might not have the gas left to make a real final round charge here, because we’re two minutes in and he hasn’t pressed much. When he does, he gets deterred, anyway. Pedraza 10-9, 99-91

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