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Mikey Garcia: You guys think it’s a joke! I’m going to fight Errol Spence!

In this video interview captured by our friends at Fight Hub TV, Mikey Garcia talks about why he’s dead serious about wanting to fight Errol Spence Jr. and why he’s not overly concerned about the size difference. Check it out...

Mikey Garcia on his walking-around weight:

“A natural 150, 152 is average for me. We don’t really gain a whole lot of weight, you know. It’s just natural weight. And as soon as we start working out, you know, the weight starts to drop, pretty comfortable. We pick up the intensity and stricken the diet a little bit more and we cut down but it’s not that challenging.”

On if he’s really considering fighting Errol Spence:

“No one believes me but when it happens, you know, you guys are gonna be surprised. I’m very serious. I really would love that fight. I’m not looking past Robert Easter but if everything goes well and we’re not injured or anything like that, the other fight that excites me would be an Errol Spence fight and the challenges he presents are so great that that’s what motivates me the most.”

On how his experience fighting at 140 affected his belief on being able to compete at 147:

“I can feel the size difference. Two fights at 140 against Adrien Broner and Sergey Lipinets — those fights, although we were at 140 on weigh-in, fight night they were a lot heavier. I was probably about ‘47, ‘48 on fight night, they were probably 155 or close to 160, ‘cause I could just feel the size, I could see it.

“But I still have the ability to fight and overcome that size disadvantage, that strength. So will Errol Spence, a little different, ‘cause he’s also very talented. Technically he’s very, very talented, great fighter. And he still has that size and weight advantage, but that’s what excites me because everybody says no, you guys think it’s a joke and I’ma do it!”

On if fighting Spence at 147 is more realistic than him fighting Lomachenko at 135:

“I think because of promotional reasons I think that’s a fair assessment. I think a fight with Errol Spence is probably easier to handle and make than a fight with Lomachenko just because of promotional reasons.”

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