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Prospect Watch: Esquiva Falcao

Esquiva Falcao is hoping to get a world title shot in 2019.

Esquiva Falcao vs. Norberto Gonzalez Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

If you follow the news, and heck, even if you don’t, you can’t help but have some of it sneaking into your life anyway, you notice that America is in a state of crisis.

You see and hear “us against them,” and the “them,” it seems, has its definition changing. The President stood next to the leader of Russia, a guy seen in most circles as a thuggish dictator, and “our” President treated him on Monday with more deference and respect than he did our top-most intelligence outfits.

Strange times, these.

But during these sorts of periods, when you find yourself questioning who we are as a nation, wondering why there isn’t an across the board condemnation by all citizens at the “family separation” policy which has our government removing children from their parents after families look to enter our nation to escape horrific circumstances in their country, I enjoy being reminded that many people still do look up to us, our society, and want to come here, for a better life.

Esquiva Falcao, a Brazilian 160-pounder, told me he loves training here, and would like to move from Brazil to the U.S. as he continues on his quest to gain a world title.

​Falcao got some traction on his social recently, when he posted this pic, and said that dude is his dad. Er, no, Mike Tyson is not Falcao’s pop!

The current clusterfuckery in our political realm doesn’t mess with his head. He still sees the splendor in America.

“I train here in California, Riverside at Robert Garcia’s gym. I want to move to a house here near the gym so I have no problem getting here to train.”

His big bro Yamaguchi, a 30-year-old lefty 154-pounder with Golden Boy, is also close to getting a title shot.

Esquiva comes off as humble and amiable, and not at all prone to trash talking. I asked him who he’s targeting in the near future and he summons no cocky shit-talk.

“I want to fight with the best, my focus always and win against my next opponent. I like to take it one step at a time. I’m ready to fight anyone in my category and make history. I’m getting ready to be world champion, every fight and a preparation for the title fight that should happen in 2019.”

So, wait, maybe there’s a little somethin’-somethin’ inside the family dynamic. He hasn’t yet really much mentioned older bro Yamaguchi. Maybe they are at odds?

“I love my brother very much, we do not have a rivalry,” Esquiva said. “I’m really hoping for him to be world champion. Let’s celebrate the belts together!”

I live in New York, and one thing I like best about being there is that it’s a magnet for immigrants. I always find these folks to be humble strivers, happy to be here and getting the opportunity to build a better life. I feel the same way about this Falcao.

“I want to thank God for the things that he always gives and my sponsors Everlast and Netshoes,” Esquiva says in summation, “who always accompany me and believe in my work.”

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